PowerInbox Unveils the Latest DynamicMail, the Most Advanced Solution to Maximize Customer Engagement and ROI of Marketing Emails

DynamicMail Includes Industry-First Capabilities to Measure the Performance of Every Dynamic “Call-to-Action” Element Within Every Email

NEW YORK--()--PowerInbox, the trusted resource for marketers, agencies and publishers for dynamic, real-time personalized email solutions, today announced the latest updates to its DynamicMail product.

Dozens of consumer brands, agencies and marketing technology partners use DynamicMail to create emails that resemble and respond like the customized content of a website, social media page or mobile app, boosting click-through rates by more than 30 percent and delivering four times the ROI of static email.

Key among powerful new capabilities are a “heat map” that empowers marketers to see a complete picture of how each component within their emails performed, and a powerful new capability to measure a customers’ interaction within every email with a granularity that goes well beyond existing solutions. Together, the new features provide powerful tools for improving customer engagement, by measuring campaign results at the macro- and individual consumer-level.

New Heat Map: A Visualization of Effective Email Content

DynamicMail’s new “heat map” is a data visualization that illustrates exactly which “calls to action”—such as offers and complementary content from trusted partners—were most clicked. DynamicMail lays this information over a copy of the email—showing specific results across the email layout, as if it were a weather map. Now, for the first time, clients can easily evaluate performance of specific elements at a glance, empowering them to make critical changes during campaigns, rather than after the fact.

”Our audience appreciates food on many levels, including ‘presentation.’ The same can be said of Tasting Table’s emails, and working with PowerInbox and DynamicMail’s new heat map, we can easily compare formats to determine exactly where content should be placed to foster engagement and action, essentially optimizing our own ‘presentation’,” said Rohit Gupta, Director of Product, of Tasting Table, a website and newsletter for culinary enthusiasts. The company has worked with PowerInbox for over a year. “From images to videos to headers that grab the reader, it’s critical that we reach our audience with compelling content presented in a layout that captures their attention immediately, and fosters engagement with our information.”

Truly Measuring Engagement, One Customer Email at a Time

The second advance empowers marketers to truly maximize customer engagement—defined as how long each customer interacted with an email message. Most email statistics measure standard results: opens, click-through rates, bounce rates, or unsubscribes.

DynamicMail takes this to an entirely new level: through the insertion of a powerful pixel developed by PowerInbox, marketers will know exactly how long a prospect read an email. Specifically, they can determine if a customer simply glanced (zero to two seconds), skimmed (three to ten seconds) or closely read an email (11-20 seconds). This powerful solution provides the data necessary to continuously improve communications with each customer on subsequent messages, in order to maximize engagement.

“DynamicMail already provides an end-user experience unlike any traditional, static marketing emails—making email come to life, in order to maximize customer engagement,” said Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox. “These powerful new tools take email marketing to an exciting new level – one that can provide granular measurement similar to the best web analytics platforms, and measure the efficacy of specific content within campaigns in real time. Emails that include dynamic components are as exciting as a website or social media experience—and now we’ve backed it up to include powerful analytics and data visualization to determine the true ROI of every campaign and customer email.”


DynamicMail with advanced analytics capabilities is available to all customers today.

About PowerInbox

PowerInbox provides marketers, agencies and publishers with dynamic, real-time and personalized email solutions which increase email engagement and revenue. RevenueStripe is an email based, personalized content recommendation solution which increases reader engagement while providing incremental revenue for email publishers. DynamicMail enables sending real-time, dynamic content optimized on the open including tickers, forms, video, scrolling images, animation and more. Clients enjoy more than 30% higher engagement rates and 4X ROI. PowerInbox is venture backed and works with all existing email programs, supporting over 3 billion emails a month from leading companies including the NFL, CNN, Hearst, Priceline, Ziff Davis, GM, MSG and Showtime. For more information about PowerInbox, please visit powerinbox.com.


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Release Summary

PowerInbox adds new visual tools to ensure customers can pinpoint which elements of their marketing emails produce best, within each email.



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