CipherLoc Debuts to Make Encrypted Data Safe Again

GoSecured to white-label CipherLoc in suite of encrypted communication products

AUSTIN, Texas--()--CipherLoc Corporation (OTCQB:CLOK) debuts today with a suite of data security solutions that eliminate the flaws and inadequacies inherent in today’s encryption algorithms, adding an ironclad layer of protection to existing products, services, and applications to fully protect the world’s data. CipherLoc’s first customer is GoSecured, an encrypted communications platform, that will white-label and embed CipherLoc EDGE™, CipherLoc ENTERPRISE™, and CipherLoc GATEWAY™ into its entire suite of encrypted services designed to protect company email, video and instant messaging, voice-over-IP calls, and cloud storage.

“Modern day encryption algorithms are broken,” said Mike Salas, VP Sales and Marketing at CipherLoc. “Conventional wisdom states that well-known encryption algorithms – such as AES – are safe due to the fact that it would take thousands of years for a brute force attack to successfully crack the encryption key that is used to protect data. However, we can demonstrably show that this assumption is wrong and it is in fact possible to 'break' into encrypted files using plaintext-recovery techniques that do not rely on brute force attacks. The CipherLoc mission is to eliminate the flaws and inadequacies associated with today’s encryption algorithms in order to fully and securely protect the world’s data.”

CipherLoc created its data security solutions to combat this alarming fact. CipherLoc’s patented approach is a simple but powerful step companies can take to protect their most mission-critical data. First, CipherLoc decomposes data files to be protected into multiple segments. Then, these individual segments each receive a unique one-time use encryption key, utilize a randomized selection of encryption algorithms, and are grouped into a variety of different lengths. Since segments are independent from each other and are individually protected, the CipherLoc technology is not susceptible to the attacks and vulnerabilities associated with modern encryption algorithms which operate on a monolithic block of data.

By simply adding a few lines of non-disruptive code, companies may secure and future-proof their data using CipherLoc technology without tearing down or building new infrastructure. The protection CipherLoc provides increases as computational horsepower increases, making it stronger and more resistant to attacks as technology advances.

GoSecured is one of the first customers to implement the new CipherLoc suite, and is in the process of rolling out their enhanced platform to more than 1,000 SMB and enterprise customers. “As a provider of encrypted communication platforms, we’re acutely aware of the need to secure data with the strongest form of protection available,” said Robert Loblaw, CEO of GoSecured. “It was incredibly easy to embed CipherLoc technology into GoSecured’s encrypted communication platform, and we have now optimized our ability to provide our customers with the peace of mind knowing that their data is being secured by the strongest data security technology on the market.”

The products included in CipherLoc’s new data protection solution suite are:

  • CipherLoc EDGE: Installed on mobile/handset devices, EDGE enables data to be securely sent between any two mobile devices.
  • CipherLoc ENTERPRISE: Installed on desktops, laptops and tablet computers, ENTERPRISE enables data to be securely sent between any two platforms.
  • CipherLoc GATEWAY: Installed on servers, GATEWAY enables end-to-end data protection to and from servers, computers, tablets, and/or mobile devices via the GATEWAY-protected servers.

CipherLoc’s solutions offer data protection for businesses of all sizes and can accommodate a wide variety of security needs. CipherLoc’s B-to-B business model makes it an ideal solution for:

  • Service providers who are seeking to offer highly-secure protection of data to their clients
  • Application developers who currently use encryption technology in their products and who need a more secure solution that can be easily and seamlessly added
  • Other security software companies wishing to enhance their products and offerings through the addition of an innovative data protection solution
  • Systems integrators who can offer a more secure solution to their clients in the healthcare, financial, banking, and any other industry where data protection and user privacy is important

About CipherLoc Corporation (OTCQB: CLOK)

CipherLoc Corporation is a data security solutions company with a simple vision – Protect the World’s Data. Our highly innovative solutions are based on our patented Polymorphic Cipher Engine which is designed to enable an ironclad layer of protection to be added to existing products, services, or applications. We deliver solutions that are highly secure, synergistic, and scalable. In short, we keep information safe in today’s highly dangerous world.


Caitlin New, 512-382-8990

Release Summary

Encryption is broken. CipherLoc debuts today with a suite of data security solutions that eliminate the flaws and inadequacies inherent in today’s encryption algorithms.


Caitlin New, 512-382-8990