Content Capsule Technology Turns Banner Ads into Microsites, Creates More Engaging Healthcare Advertising Solutions

PRINCETON, N.J.--()--Marketing technology company NextWorks has introduced a new application of its Content CapsuleTM platform that allows healthcare brands to turn a banner ad into a full microsite experience.

“Healthcare marketers are faced with the challenge of telling complex stories within the constraints of the marketing channels they currently use to reach consumers and healthcare providers,” said Tim Bahr, NextWorks CEO. “Our technology allows brands to break through those constraints and create ad units that deliver the high engagement of a microsite without forcing users to click through to another website.”

Limitations of traditional banner ads result in very basic user experiences and a model based on moving consumers and healthcare professionals from a banner ad to another website for more information. However banner ad click-through rates are extremely low and marketers are seeking better means of engagement. NextWorks’ Content Capsule solution presents a full microsite experience within a banner on the property a viewer is already visiting without sending them to another site.

“There’s major drop-off when a user is moved from one website to another,” says Doug Rockhill, EVP Creative and Marketing at NextWorks. “We are seeing upwards of two minutes of engagement when users are able to engage with videos and other forms of content without being linked to another site.”

The Content Capsule technology allows marketers to create more engaging user experiences with multiple videos, images, interactive forms, documents and other content within a rich media ad unit. The ads expand from banners into a full microsite experience on the web property the user is visiting.

“If a customer is interested in your brand and engages with your banner, why wouldn’t you want to deliver the most robust and engaging experience possible,” added Rockhill. “Our Content Capsules make it easy for interested customers to dig deep into a story and move further down the marketing funnel without leaving the initial site they were visiting.”

Content Capsules also provide unique native advertising solutions within editorial copy on healthcare provider networks and influencer blogs. This allows marketers to place brand microsites in contextually relevant editorial content where providers and consumers are already seeking information related to their brands. It also saves significant money and reduces the regulatory processes, because one Content Capsule unit can be used across multiple locations with a media buy. All content is monitored and measured in a dashboard, and content can be simultaneously updated across all Content Capsules in distribution whenever a change becomes necessary.

“The ability to place interactive content within editorially relevant content solves a major problem by allowing brands to be more relevant and much less intrusive with their marketing messages,” said Bahr. “Our ‘build it once and deploy it everywhere’ model, coupled with the ability to instantly update all distributed content, resonates very strongly with healthcare marketers and regulators.”

The Content Capsule technology has a 100% regulatory approval record among the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

About NextWorks

NextWorks is an innovative marketing technology company that helps brands tell stories by efficiently and effectively producing, packaging, and distributing digital content. The firm’s unique interactive solution, The Content CapsuleTM, makes it easy to integrate complete brand experiences across all digital media channels.


Tim Bahr, 224-531-1894

Release Summary

Marketing technology company NextWorks has introduced a new application of its Content Capsule platform that allows healthcare brands to turn a banner ad into a full microsite experience.


Tim Bahr, 224-531-1894