More4Apps Releases Mobile Stocktake Application for Oracle E-Business Suite

HAMILTON, New Zealand--()--More4Apps, a leading automation and integration software company, announces the release of their new Mobile Application - Stocktake. More4Apps Stocktake App allows users to correct inventory, on-hand balances and update these details back to Oracle database using real time transactions.

More4Apps Mobile Applications removes the need for paper or large scanners. The mobile device’s camera acts as a Barcode Reader or Optical Character Reader (OCR) to search items and create dynamic tag entries. Scanner enabled fields include Tag ID, Lot, Item Number, Serial Number and Locator fields. You can also view items in a list, sorted in order of counted/not-counted items.

The Stocktake Application integrates tightly with Oracle EBS allowing users to login using their Oracle EBS credentials. Query and import data into Oracle EBS from the app without an intermediary server or service.

More4Apps Stocktake Mobile Application respects all Oracle EBS security. A small servlet needs to be installed in the Oracle EBS mid-tier to enable connection to the App.

More4Apps Stocktake Mobile Application supports:

  • Secure XML web-based communication
  • In-built Oracle security rules for queries and transactions
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Authentication, including SSO support
  • Bluetooth Scanners
  • Camera Barcode and Character Reader

Oracle Server compatibility:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10 & r12
  • Minimum J2SE 1.5
  • Database 10i onwards

More4Apps offers a range of other Mobile Applications using real-time transactions to help improve data quality and accuracy.

More4Apps’ other Mobile Applications:

  • Inventory Application: Queries stock, item details, manufacturer and supplier contact details and performs Account Alias and Subinventory transfers.
  • PO Receipt: Allows users to Receipt and Deliver items from POs, supports Direct and Standard delivery, plus lot and serial controlled items.
  • Work in Process (WIP): Allows users to perform WIP Move, Completions and Return Transactions. Users can also perform material transactions on both the components and assemblies.

More4Apps mobile products are built for Android and Apple devices and are available from Google Play or Apple stores. For more information, watch this On Demand webinar.


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Maria Messiter

Release Summary

More4Apps releases a new product - Mobile Stocktake Application. Using real time transactions users have the ability to correct inventory, on-hand balances and update these details back to Oracle.


Maria Messiter