TiVo’s Cubiware & BOLD MSS Empower Nuevo Siglo to Bring More “Play or Go” Content to Customers

This Technology Collaboration Delivers Top Entertainment on Nuevo Siglo’s Multi-Device Platform for Customers in Uruguay

AMSTERDAM--()--Cubiware, a Warsaw, Poland-based TiVo company (NASDAQ: TIVO), today announced that it is providing Nuevo Siglo, a Cable TV Operator in Uruguay, South America, the technology to make Nuevo Siglo one of the first cable operators in South and Central America to incorporate content accessed through premium third-party “Play or Go” apps on their STBs. This offering has been made possible with the collaboration of BOLD MSS as a platform integrator.

Through the cooperation of BOLD MSS and Cubiware, Nuevo Siglo’s customers have access to the “Play or Go” platforms from premium content providers on their hybrid STBs, in addition to their linear TV programming. These customers will receive access to full seasons of their favorite series and new content releases at the same time these shows are released over linear channels. Nuevo Siglo is also offering the “Play or Go” services integrated on its multi-device platform NSNOW, allowing users to access their content at home or on the go.

Cubiware’s middleware solution for Nuevo Siglo offers the core content management for the STB itself as well as for the other devices on the platform. Cubiware’s technology also provides the customization of the STB video player in order to be fully compatible to the “Play or Go” CDNs and security requirements.

Thanks to the increased flexibility of content providers and confidence achieved with our solutions with Cubiware, we have developed an integration solution for Nuevo Siglo that allows it to provide high quality content for its VOD on STBs,” said Ariel Droyeski, Sales Director at BOLD MSS. “This offering is evidence of a growing trend in solutions that BOLD MSS is promoting with our customers and partners.”

We are very excited to work with Nuevo Siglo in bringing ‘Play or Go’ platforms from the most important content distributors to their customers,” said Jakub Gorski, VP of Cubiware Product. “This technology partnership provides an enhanced entertainment experience that allows users to enjoy expanded content and top notch entertainment while in their house or on the go.”

Cubiware is the leader in middleware and has proven to be a fantastic and innovative partner,” said Mario de Oliveira, CTO at Nuevo Siglo. “This partnership has provided to our customers VOD Premium Content from our most important linear TV content providers.”

The incorporation of the “Play or Go” contents into Nuevo Siglo’s NSNOW STB is a new step in the general development of the platform. This is an innovative service that positions Nuevo Siglo as a technology leader in Cable TV services both domestically and internationally. NSNOW has continued to grow since its inception in 2014, incorporating new services and products every year, while always considering as primary concepts the quality and security of the contents.

About Nuevo Siglo

Nuevo Siglo is a Cable TV Operator in Uruguay, South America. Its operations include Digital Cable TV services and OTT services over third-party networks. NSNOW is the platform developed by Nuevo Siglo that allows access to their own content and third parties through multiple devices connected to the Internet. These devices include Tablets, Smartphones, Smart TVs, Personal Computers and the main device: the hybrid STB. The latter allows integrating the experiences of watching TV in linear mode or VOD on the same device and on the same TV, controlled by a single remote control, and in the same graphical interface, without the need to change inputs or connections on the TV. For additional information about NSNOW, visit www.nsnow.com.uy.


BOLD MSS is a Uruguayan company developing and integrating systems for the business of delivery of audiovisual contents for all the Pay TV industry; it has a great standing in the region integrating important brands with Cubiware among others.

About Cubiware

Cubiware, a TiVo company (NASDAQ: TIVO), is an innovative provider of software for Digital TV devices and systems. Cubiware’s CubiTV solution is flexible middleware that enables cable, satellite, terrestrial TV operators, and telcos to introduce advanced TV services to network services. Support for a variety of Internet standards and high customizability enables rapid and cost-effective deployment. Cubiware’s CubiSDK software development kit (SDK) enables the building of customized software for video-enabled devices such as IPTV set-top boxes (STBs), DVB Zappers, and DVRs. CubiSDK includes multiple pre-built plug-ins and libraries, which may be used to add value to existing Cubiware IPTV or DVB/IP deployments as well as to accelerate development of new DTV products. For additional information please visit www.cubiware.com or email info@cubiware.com.

About TiVo

TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) is the global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights. From the interactive program guide to the DVR, TiVo delivers innovative products and licensable technologies that revolutionize how people find content across a changing media landscape. TiVo enables the world’s leading media and entertainment providers to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience. Explore the next generation of entertainment at tivo.com, forward.tivo.com or follow us on Twitter @tivo or @tivoforbusiness.

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Release Summary

TiVo’s Cubiware and BOLD MSS empower Nuevo Siglo to bring more “Play or Go” content to customers


Finn Partners for TiVo
Ricca Silverio, +1-949-439-7869