Death Knell Rings for Anatomy Textbooks as New School Year Begins

3D4Medical Launches Lecture Builder, Transforming Anatomy Education

SAN DIEGO--()--3D4Medical, the world’s leading medical software application developer for mobile platforms, is extending the reach of its Complete Anatomy platform with the launch of Lecture Builder. The groundbreaking, interactive platform allows professors to create custom anatomy content and lectures for students to fit a variety of curriculums for pre-med, medical, dental, nursing, allied health, physical therapy and paramedic students.

Lecture Builder is the latest innovation from 3D4Medical. Its flagship medical learning platform Complete Anatomy, was selected as the Best of 2015 on the App Store, and most recently was selected from more than three million apps to receive the coveted Apple Design & Innovation Award 2016. Complete Anatomy and Lecture Builder are transforming medical learning across the globe. Complete Anatomy uses ground-breaking 3D technology to allow for greater exploration and visualization of the human body than ever before, while the Lecture Builder allows for custom course content creation combined with revolutionary sharing features. Together they offer a comprehensive learning platform.

“Learning anatomy and physiology can be challenging and it’s widely understood that mastery depends on acquiring concepts and not just rote data memorization,” said Dr. Alan Detton, Vice President of Anatomical Education, 3D4Medical. “Complete Anatomy and the Lecture Builder platform are powerful learning tools for medical, dental and nursing students who aim to comprehend anatomy entirely for the well-being of their future patients.”

Over 100 Universities signed up to use/pilot the Complete Anatomy platform:

Driven by student demand to do more with the Complete Anatomy app, Lecture Builder is being piloted in undergraduate and graduate courses in over 60 top universities in the US and more than 100 universities worldwide. Examples include University of California San Francisco, Ohio State, Columbia University, University of Massachusetts, Penn State, University of Central Florida and multiple universities within the University of Texas system to name a few. The platform was developed and endorsed for comprehensive anatomical education by renowned clinical anatomists and other experts who ensure that the content presented is relevant and accurate.

“Until recently, students have learned anatomy through cadavers, dense medical textbooks and rote memorization of body parts,” said Niall Johnston, President, 3D4Medical. “Lecture Builder is another example of how 3D4Medical is a major disruptor in anatomy education by creating opportunities for highly dynamic, interactive and engaging teaching and learning like never before. It is a revolution in learning.”

One early adopter, Derek Harmon, PhD, MS, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Anatomy at the University of California San Francisco, said, “Anatomy textbooks are a relic of the past - a static, one-size-fits-all way of learning that no longer fits with today’s learning requirements. Students are hungry for digital learning tools that deliver a personalized approach to anatomy education. I’m excited about the potential for Lecture Builder to create new generations of active learners who in turn will become better healthcare professionals.”

Lecture Builder from Complete Anatomy provides significant benefits for professors and students. Capabilities include:

  • Bringing lessons to life: professors can assemble screens, recordings and quizzes created in the application and then publish them as a complete lecture.
  • Digital asset creation: Users can easily create digital assets and teaching modules that fit their specific curriculum, discipline or specialty.
  • Curriculum rubric: Faculty can take advantage of assets that have been pre-created by the 3D4Medical team and effortlessly drop those assets into lectures and courses.
  • Availability of content library: The 3D4Medical library provides a rich selection of lecture modules to choose from – enabling users to develop a sequence of learning that can be tailored to specific needs.
  • Tools for interactive learning and subject mastery: Lecture Builder uses Complete Anatomy’s suite of tools to annotate and showcase what students should be focusing on. Label structures, highlight with the pen or add spurs or pain spots for better visualization.

Complete Anatomy and Lecture Builder is available for iPads and Mac currently.

About 3D4Medical

3D4Medical leads the way in producing ground-breaking 3D medical technology that is transforming medical learning worldwide. This technology disrupts traditional medical education both by empowering students with a visually stunning and interactive 3D environment and enabling professors to provide more efficient and effective anatomical learning experiences.

3D4Medical achieves this through its flagship products: revolutionary medical software and learning platform Complete Anatomy; and best –selling anatomy atlas Essential Anatomy. With over 12 million applications downloaded worldwide, #1 top-grossing position on the App Store in 141 countries, and featured in two Apple Keynotes, each viewed by approximately 40 million people, 3D4Medical has enjoyed unparalleled success. 3D4Medical aims to improve the lives of patients, physicians, and students by putting accessible high-quality medical information at people’s fingertips.


Linnea Walsh, 617-482-0042


Linnea Walsh, 617-482-0042