Insightpool Enables Next Generation Influencer Marketing

ATLANTA--()--Insightpool, The Influencer Marketing Platform, launches next generation capabilities to enable marketers to authentically engage social influencers. By leveraging unmatched social media data sources to identify relevant influencers across channels, Insightpool helps build authentic relationships with the world’s most innovative brands.

“With the imminent death of organic social reach, influencer marketing is an increasingly critical part of the social and digital playbook. But it’s often difficult, time consuming, and hard to scale. Insightpool solves these challenges for brands by making influencer identification and activation seamless and hassle-free across multiple social channels,” says Jay Baer, President of marketing consultancy Convince & Convert.

It’s not enough to just have an Influencer Marketing plan nowadays, instead organizations need the tools that to enable them to do it the right way. With Insightpool’s latest launch we are enabling them to cut through the social media noise and uncover influential conversations and communities and bring them to life through a single influencer marketing platform.

"Consumers don’t want to be marketed to, they want to be marketed through," says Devon Wijesinghe, CEO at Insightpool. “That means engaging the right audience and having them carry your message for you is no longer optional, it is critical. Insightpool’s Influencer Marketing platform helps marketers navigate that challenge and get started on doing influencer marketing right.”

What is Influencer Marketing Done Right?

  • Building authentic relationships, not paid endorsements
  • Creating ongoing relationships, built on shared value
  • Omni-channel approach to reach influencers where they feel most at home
  • Real results backed by strong metrics and improvement over time

Most importantly, it's about making Influencer Marketing part of the fabric of your marketing plan, not a one-off campaign. Where other platforms fall short at just individual social profiles or paying influencers, Insightpool makes the right approach, engaging influencers authentically, the easiest approach. This is a big win for marketers who desire a world-class Influencer Marketing platform.

“The challenge we have had is connecting our influencer marketing campaigns with our global, multi-tactic marketing campaigns, so we can more efficiently get the right message to the right audience," said Nick Panayi, Head of Global Brand and Digital Marketing, Computer Sciences Corporation. "Insightpool is helping us tackle this challenge with an approach that helps us organically reach the right decision makers across multiple channels at scale."

Insightpool’s Influencer Marketing solution is designed to empower marketers to:

  • 360 Degree Influencer Profiles - Identify and discover insights from over 100+ networks and interaction history
  • Enhanced Instagram and Extended Networks - Full discovery and insights from Instagram searches and follow up engagement
  • Conversation Integration - Access to stream search from influential social conversations
  • Insightpool Influencer Engine - Insightpool’s unique algorithm identifies target audiences based on influence, reach, Klout score and high propensity to engage
  • MadTech™ - Enhancements of combined organic MarTech features and AdTech paid features
  • Social Account-Based Marketing - Enabling marketers to find prospects on social through email and activating them on a social drip marketing campaign

Insightpool, The Influencer Marketing Platform, leverages social data algorithms to identify relevant influencers and build authentic relationships with the world’s most innovative brands. With billions of interactions happening on social media every day, Insightpool cuts through the social media noise and enables brands to uncover influential conversations and communities and bring them to life through a single influencer marketing platform. Insightpool works with the world’s most innovative brands, from Home Depot and NBC Universal to Coca-Cola, Famous Footwear, Cox Communications, UPS, IHG and more. For more information, visit


Hillary Settle, 6784880667


Hillary Settle, 6784880667