myThings Delivers Advanced Programmatic Customization with myFunnel

New dynamic retargeting offering promises advertisers improved modeling and bidding optimization, more effective segmentation, and a new level of insight and transparency into the performance of their campaigns

PHOENIX--()--myThings, a global leader in dynamic retargeting and performance display advertising, today announced a new tool designed to provide advertisers with unmatched levels of optimization, insight and transparency of their retargeting campaigns. With myFunnel the sales funnel powering programmatic advertising is now fully customized, for the first time in this industry.

Traditionally the sales funnel, which maps the journey of a website’s users – from first contact to first and subsequent conversions, then dormancy – has been the same across all advertisers. Using myFunnel, an advertiser can now custom-select a sales funnel that fully reflects their internal business and sales logic.

“myThings strives to provide advertisers with full control over their programmatic performance advertising,” said myThings CEO, Assaf Suprasky. “With myFunnel, we get closer to this goal by ensuring that our campaigns are fully tailored to each specific advertiser at the most fundamental level. Taken together with dynamic creative that is fully brand-aligned and uses no templates, myThings now offers an unprecedented and truly compelling level of programmatic customization and control to the savviest marketers.”

myFunnel delivers greater returns through bidding optimized to the highest-value impression opportunities by ensuring that programmatic campaign algorithms properly understand how users are defined at each funnel stage, and when they should be moved from one stage to the next. Through myFunnel, advertisers now have fresh levels of insight into the return on advertising spend (ROAS) at every funnel stage.

With myFunnel, myThings now provides:

Custom segmentation strategy
Built directly on top of the custom sales funnel, myThings segments are now more accurately populated with the correct profile users for the most successful retargeting outlook.

Deeper Audience Segment Transparency
Marketers can now acquire deeper insights about how each of their audience segments performs within a single campaign. myThings’ enhanced audience segment transparency allows for more narrowly defined audience segments, providing deeper visibility and campaign insights. Unique in the industry, these transparency tools not only give advertisers greater insights into campaign performance, they also assure proper attribution and protect advertisers from fraud.

Model and bidding optimization per advertiser
myThings fully understands the value of each impression opportunity by recognizing where it fits in the funnel, and the company’s machine-learning models and algorithms optimize the real-time bidding process across all ad exchanges.

Custom dynamic creative at each funnel stage
With myFunnel, myThings assigns custom dynamic creative, that’s fully brand aligned and uses absolutely no templates, to each funnel stage – for on-point customer messaging.

Per-stage ROI insights and transparent budget allocation
With myFunnel advertisers see a full performance breakdown of their campaigns and user activity by funnel stages that are completely customizable. This gives advertisers insight into where the biggest retargeting returns are being generated so they can reallocate their spend accordingly for maximum ROAS.

“myThings has always worked to provide the best and most reliable data for marketers to better manage successful ad campaigns,” added Suprasky. “In a period of time where there is some question about the ethics of our industry, myThings prides itself on the integrity of our solution and the people who support it, so we understand that by proudly wearing a bright white hat, we’re inviting all competitors to show our faults and attempt to prove us wrong. We gladly accept this challenge as it not only helps keep us honest, it should help improve the programmatic advertising industry as a whole.”

About myThings
myThings is a global leader in fully customized performance programmatic, personalizing dynamic creative for leading global brands on web and mobile. With more than a decade of experience in retargeting and re-engagement, we work with the largest retail, travel and ticket sales brands including Nordstrom Rack, Vistaprint and Puma among other national and global brands. We strive to provide unmatched levels of customization and control, as well as dynamic, optimized creative that is properly brand-aligned, in addition to performance at scale. Our solutions marry the best of performance and brand marketing, all in real time. This really is performance programmatic made for you.

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The Audienci Group for myThings
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The Audienci Group for myThings
Melissa Burns, +1-208-850-5939