Breezeworks™ Introduces First Intelligent Scheduling & Dispatching Tools for Mobile Service Teams

Breakthrough Service Gives Small and Medium Sized Businesses Ability to Intelligently and Dynamically Manage Teams in the Field for Greatest Efficiency

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Breezeworks, the leading service business automation platform, today introduced a new suite of intelligent, semi-automated tools to supercharge scheduling efficiency for mobile service teams. Grounded in algorithmic artificial intelligence, the new dispatch tools introduce never-before-seen features that allow small to medium sized mobile teams to dynamically respond to changing scheduling demands with minimal manual input. Whether managing teams from a smartphone in the field or centrally from a desktop computer, Breezeworks users can now get the right workers to the right customer at the right time, leading to happier customers giving better reviews, and more efficient workers yielding significantly higher profits.

Used in conjunction with Breezeworks’ class-leading field management and CRM software, the new platform tools automatically alert business owners or administrators if a technician is going to be late to their next job based on location and traffic data. Breezeworks’ algorithms then assist in re-routing an alternate tech and/or providing direct notifications to end customers with updated ETA’s. As part of the new feature set, Breezeworks also introduced Smart Scheduling, a tool which allows owners to automatically optimize scheduling assignments for a new job among their team members with the press of a button.

“A technology race is now afoot in the service business management sector and Breezeworks has just answered the challenge with one of the most advanced tools to date – to what we hope will be the great benefit of America’s service business men and women,” said Matthew Cowan, co-founder and CEO of Breezeworks. “By definition, mobile service businessmen and their employees are busy, on the go and usually have their hands full. Minutes wasted on scheduling rather than job completion are dollars wasted. Our new intelligent dispatching solution creates the maximum possible efficiency with the minimum possible user engagement, leaving owners and their field employees with more time to perform billable activities.”

Included in the $24.99 per employee/month Team Pro price plan is live team training support, and quarterly business reports. In addition to the new product tier, all Breezeworks owners will now get the ability to customize their team’s access to every part of Breezeworks, ensuring greater control of their business and data, as well as the new Employee View of their team’s schedule, where owners can get a single view of their whole team’s schedule broken out by employee and quickly drag/drop jobs to adjust assignments.

Breezeworks New Features

  • Real-Time Alerts & Re-Routing - If a job is running long, or traffic unexpectedly gets worse, and a technician is going to be late, Breezeworks automatically creates an alert for an instant re-route or re-assignment with a single click, while notifying the customer of the new arrival time.
  • Smart Scheduling - Breezeworks automatically optimizes scheduling of a new job by finding the best available team member who will be located near the job site during the job window, with the click of a button.
  • Live Team Training - Breezeworks’ world-class support team helps new teams get up and running quickly with live training on how to use Breezeworks to manage workflow.
  • Quarterly Business Reports – Detailed quarterly performance reports provide insights required to improve efficiency and grow businesses faster.
  • Team Permissions - Team Permissions allows owners to control their business more effectively by choosing any of Breezeworks’ features or data to hide from their technicians.
  • Employee View - Employee View makes scheduling team members as easy as drag-and-dropping jobs between team members to re-assign them, or find who has the open time for that next big job.

Rapidly emerging as the leading software partner for mobile trades and services, Breezeworks has been used by over 33,000 customers and reached monthly revenue and jobs-created growth of 30% and 40% respectively. Touching on every facet of field service operations with simple and intuitive mobile workflows, Breezeworks helps contractors manage booking, dispatching and billing activities via smartphone and tablets in the field or the larger desktop screen for home base operations. Mobile CRM, work order management, routing, invoicing and estimates, hardware-free credit card processing, automated customer notifications and follow-up and native QuickBooks bookkeeping software integration give contractors all the tools they need to create more efficient and profitable businesses.

The Breezeworks service business automation platform is available as a web or mobile application for download at, as well as from the Apple iOS App Store, the Google Play Store for Android devices and directly from the QuickBooks or Square app stores.

About Breezeworks – Get the job done faster, smarter

Breezeworks is the leading mobile service automation platform. Through cloud-integrated mobile and web apps, Breezeworks centralizes and automates booking, dispatching, customer communication, billing, and payments for service businesses, empowering small and medium teams to build stronger customer relationships and drive greater profit margins. It transforms your smartphone into a digital power-tool with enterprise-level functionality, for less than the price of a new drill.

Breezeworks was founded by veteran technologists Matthew Cowan (Intel, CNET, iVillage, Geocities) and Adam Block (IDG, Harmonic Communications), and is backed by prominent investors including Obvious Ventures, Harmony Partners; and angel investors Marc Benioff, Max Levchin, James Murdoch, David Sacks, Peter Thiel, and Jeff Skoll.


Joe Volat, 408-645-0448


Joe Volat, 408-645-0448