Autopilot Launches Proactive Lead Gen Channel, Driving Personalization At Scale

Beta users including CrunchBase and Freshdesk have seen leads increase by more than 10 percent

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Autopilot, the visual marketing software for automating customer journeys, today announced the widespread availability of Proactive Headsup, the easiest way for companies to convert any first-time website visitor into a lead.

Proactive Headsup is a lead generation channel designed for marketers to engage people in real time with personalized calls to action and feedback requests, while guiding website visitors along their buying journey with tailored messages and a friendly face. Deployed in matter of minutes, early adopters have seen leads increase by over 10 percent without requiring the addition of code snippets to their sites or staffing a live chat support team.

“Today’s consumer wants to be engaged in a personal way,” says Autopilot CEO Mike Sharkey. “They want to connect with brands they can trust, that can offer them the products that are best for them, and that show they care about their needs. Through Proactive Headsup, Autopilot enables marketers at businesses of all sizes to engage with these consumers on a personal level at scale -- driving real leads in just minutes.”

A recent survey revealed that 72 percent of consumers in the U.S. are frustrated by generic, untargeted marketing. Not surprisingly, many of the world’s fastest-growing companies have been successful at building relationships online through personal and timely interactions. Yet the in-app messaging, live chat, and pop-up solutions commonly used to do so are difficult for the marketer to implement, require substantial staffing and training to operate, and are often interruptive in nature. Proactive Headsup was created to solve this dilemma, allowing a new marketer to start capturing new leads in 10 minutes.

493 Autopilot customers participated in Proactive Headsup’s beta program, including Freshdesk, CrunchBase, RangeMe, Granular, and Australia’s leading pharmacy, Blooms The Chemist. 53 percent of early adopters of Proactive Headsup reported seeing more than 10 percent increase in overall monthly leads, with nearly two-thirds saying it is an effective new channel for lead generation. CrunchBase, the leading database for startups and technology companies, has seen leads increase up to 20 percent.

“At CrunchBase, we deliver market insights to millions of entrepreneurs, analysts and investors around the world, so engaging with all our audience is difficult,” says Alexandra Mack, Head of Marketing at CrunchBase. “Since we started using Autopilot's Proactive Headsup, we have been able to grow leads by more than 10 percent in a personal and non-intrusive manner, without having a team dedicated to answering messages around the clock.”

Proactive Headsup is available in several different flavors, enabling companies of all sizes to:

  • Nudge users along their buying journey with a call to action -- for example, by asking them to sign up for a webinar, request a demo, or view a technical support article
  • Enable visitors to subscribe, for example, to a company’s blog updates, customer loyalty program, or general marketing newsletters
  • Ask consumers to reply back with feedback, allowing marketers to complete a quick, single question survey and start a conversation

With Autopilot’s new channel for personalized, real-time interactions with consumers, Proactive Headsup will further the company’s mission to create remarkable experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

Autopilot, the industry’s first self-service, multi-channel marketing solution, has grown rapidly since its conception in 2012 to support millions of contacts. The company has raised $20.5M in funding, backed by Rembrandt Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Southern Cross Venture Partners, Stage One Capital, Blackbird Ventures, Tim Draper, and Terry Garnett.

About Autopilot

Autopilot's mission is to empower companies to create easy and visual marketing journeys. Founded in 2012, Autopilot was developed to bridge a clear gap in the market for marketing automation software that is as easy to use as a whiteboard, that plays nicely with other technologies, and can be tried and bought right over the web. The company's built-in integrations to popular tools like Salesforce, Segment, Twilio, Slack, GoodData, and Zapier make it easy to connect systems and message consistently across online, offline and mobile channels including email, SMS, in-app messaging, and physical mail. Over the past four years, the company has grown rapidly to support millions of contacts, raise $20.5M in funding, and launch the industry’s first self-service, multi-channel marketing solution.


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SutherlandGold for Autopilot
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