Adgorithms Launches Albert 2.0 – the Industry’s First Artificial Intelligence-Based Marketing Platform

NEW YORK--()--Adgorithms Inc., (LSE:ADGO), a provider of artificial intelligence based marketing and advertising solutions, today announced the launch of Albert 2.0, the world’s first and only self-driven marketing and advertising platform. Launched in 2014 as an artificial intelligence (AI) solution specifically for display and mobile ad campaigns, the new version of Albert executes full marketing and ad campaigns, from autonomous media buying - to campaign execution, testing and optimization - to analysis, proactive insights and recommendations across all digital paid and nonpaid channels. The AI marketing technology requires very limited upfront input or ongoing management from marketers and can process millions of events per hour per client, differentiating it from current programmatic and marketing automation technologies. Clients range in size from mid-to-large enterprise organizations, and current users of the new Albert platform include Harley Davidson NYC, and Evisu.

“With so much data and so many channels, it is no longer humanly possible for marketers to process all the available information at the pace and scale required to have an authentic and impactful interaction with each individual consumer. To date, programmatic and marketing automation technologies have handled a lot of that heavy lifting but they rely on continual marketer or technologist input along the way,” said Or Shani, Adgorithms CEO and Founder. “Albert is different. Using artificial intelligence, Albert takes this process much further, self-learning and autonomously executing and calibrating campaigns until he’s met marketers’ KPIs. This frees up marketers to focus on higher-value problem solving.”

With the new version of Albert, marketers can quickly and easily set up comprehensive digital advertising and marketing campaigns by providing campaign creative, and making upfront selections related to target audiences, channels, devices, and KPIs. And while Albert is autonomous, the platform offers 100% transparency allowing marketers to see every decision he’s made—and why.

Albert’s New Features and Capabilities:

Autonomous. Marketers provide creative (visuals and copy) and select their desired campaign inputs, including KPIs, channels, devices, location, time and target market(s). Albert then takes over, vetting both paid and nonpaid channels, negotiating pricing, analyzing progress, calibrating to improve campaign performance, and ultimately meeting goals within (or under) budget, every time.

Cross-channel, cross-device. Albert executes marketers’ campaigns out across devices (desktop, mobile), paid channels (display, social media, and search) and nonpaid channels (email, Push, and SMS). Some current and upcoming integrations include: Google Display Network, Microsoft, AOL, Outbrain, BingAds, Google AdWords, Baidu, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Larger ESPs, Active Campaign, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

Automated, large-scale testing & optimization. Albert continuously tests across thousands of variables, and optimizes thousands of micro-campaigns per minute. For example – he tests all creative and headline combinations as he goes, determining which are most successful on what channels optimizing accordingly in real-time.

Ongoing Insights & recommendations. A robust, visual campaign dashboard equips marketers with full transparency and allows them to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. He also generates real-time proactive insights based on what he’s learning, including feedback on creative combinations, calls-to-action, high- and low-performing channels, and other variables contributing to campaign success. The Dashboard also includes analytics, activity logs, and a running total of all KPIs.

Targeting & Micro-segment creation. Albert allows marketers to target current client segments, site visitors, lookalikes, or entirely new audiences. Based on what he learns, he creates micro-segments, essentially identifying entirely new audiences for brands.

Alignment with second screen & offline campaigns. Marketers can schedule their digital campaigns to align with any offline and television campaigns, down to the minute

Cross-channel attribution and marketing mix modeling on the fly. Albert makes decisions about the best possible channels to invest in one by one, thereby conducting marketing mix modeling and attribution on the fly. Marketers can then extract this data from the dashboard and marry it with offline channel data to obtain a full picture of where best to invest their marketing dollars.

Integration with existing marketing stacks. Albert is able to easily integrate with and leverage other systems within a current marketer’s technology stack, but can also perform many of the functions offered by point solutions across the ad and mar-tech ecosystem.

Built-in proprietary fraud protection. Albert won’t invest in channels that won’t help him reach a marketer’s KPI and is designed to avoid fabricated audiences that detract from his goals and objectives.

About Adgorithms
Founded in 2010, Adgorithms liberates marketers from the pain and complexities of modern marketing. The company built "Albert” – the first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) marketing platform – to serve as a highly intelligent and sophisticated member of a marketing team that is able to perform many of the manual, time-consuming tasks that exist throughout a marketing campaign – from autonomous media buying to cross-channel campaign execution, testing, optimization, and analysis. Albert also offers proactive, ongoing insights and recommendations on information he has learned and uncovered along his journey. Leading brands such as Harley Davidson and are leveraging Albert’s artificial intelligence capabilities to increase and accelerate revenue, make more informed investment decisions and reduce operational costs – and do it at a pace and scale that has not previously been possible. For more information visit


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Release Summary

Adgorithms Launches Albert 2.0 – the Industry’s First Artificial Intelligence-Based Marketing Platform.


Channel V Media
Mark Ballard, 212-680-1079