COWAROBOT Introduces First-Ever Robotic Suitcase, R1, With Launch of Indiegogo Campaign

COWAROBOT R1 frees the users’ hands and follows autonomously, making travel more high-tech and enjoyable

SAN FRANCISCO--()--COWAROBOT, a robotics company bringing proprietary robotics technology to consumer products, announced today the launch of its flagship product, COWAROBOT R1, via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. R1 is the first-ever robotic suitcase, incorporating robotics technology to its smart suitcase shell. R1 adds robotics technology to traditional luggage including autonomous following and obstacle avoidance, among other features.

COWAROBOT R1, which was debuted at CES Asia in May 2016, is the first carry-on suitcase that simply rolls along with you. Designed to free your hands from holding or rolling luggage while traveling, the attractive 20-inch suitcase uses multi-sensor fusion technology and robot motion control algorithm to allow for autonomous following and obstacle avoidance.

Incorporating CO-EYE and CO-MOVE technologies, R1 is able to sense and monitor the surrounding area in real time. Based on that sense of “vision,” the robot will find an optimal path to walk along with the user.

“After the amazing reception we had at CES Asia, we are excited to launch this crowdfunding campaign in the US,” said Tommie Tao, founder and CEO of COWAROBOT. “After our success with the launch, we knew we had a great product to bring to the US and we look forward to building our brand and hearing from the backers to really fine-tune this product. R1 is the perfect robotic buddy to make the traveling process more enjoyable and convenient.”

COWAROBOT R1 includes the following features:

  • Auto tracking – for autonomous follow and obstacle avoidance, easily control the suitcase by touching the adaptive handle to switch between autonomous and manual modes. R1 follows at a rate of up to 4.5 miles per hour, faster than the average 2.7 mph walking speed
  • Active finder – COWAROBOT R1 can actively find its user and navigate its way back to the user within a distance of up to 164 feet
  • Elegant design – 20-inch suitcase is available in four colors with an aluminum frame
  • Multiple security measures – TSA approved CO-SMART intelligent locks, proximity alarm and embedded GPS ensures the safety of the suitcase
  • Convenient access – secondary storage compartment for easy access to electronic devices with one-push open lid and large main storage compartment for maximum packing space
  • Digital device charging – portable and multi-purpose charging station aboard the suitcase can be inserted and removed quickly and conveniently (in accordance with TSA regulations), and charges both the suitcase and external devices
  • Proprietary app – mobile access to control smart locks, record and share the traveling path, and monitor the status of the suitcase

The Indiegogo campaign officially launches on July 26, 2016 and will run for 30 days. Backers will have the opportunity to support COWAROBOT R1, starting at $429. At the close of the campaign, COWAROBOT will begin manufacturing R1 with funds raised during the campaign going towards manufacturing costs. R1 is set to ship in October 2016.


Established in 2013, COWAROBOT is a robotics company that brings proprietary robotics technology to consumer electronics. Comprised of robotics enthusiasts with experience in both industrial and commercial robotics, the founding team is passionate about finding interesting and useful ways to incorporate robotics into everyday life.

COWAROBOT’s flagship product, COWAROBOT R1, is the first-ever robotic suitcase. R1 frees your hands and stays with you autonomously, making travel much more high-tech and enjoyable. The suitcase also has a smart version without the robotics technology, COWAROBOT S1, which includes features such as digital device charging and smartphone application to monitor the status of the bag and operate the CO-SMART intelligent locks.

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BAM Communications
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Release Summary

COWAROBOT introduces the first-ever robotics suitcase, R1, with the launch of its Indiegogo campaign. R1 frees the users’ hands and follows autonomously, making travel more high-tech and enjoyable.


BAM Communications
Daniella Ruiz, 619-788-1556