Option Pit and CBOE Livevol Announce Option Pit Custom Scans within the Livevol Platforms

CHICAGO--()--CBOE Livevol recently released in their analytics and trading platforms four new live options market scans designed in collaboration with Option Pit. The market scans use a combination of realized volatility, implied volatility and current price performance to help identify real-time actionable trading opportunities.

Mark Sebastian, founder of Option Pit said, “CBOE Livevol analytics and scanning are second to none. We have been believers in their comprehensive options market platforms almost from day one.”

The new scans, available in Livevol X, Pro and Core platforms, are the similar to the scans Option Pit leverages internally. They augment the 75+ pre-configured scans in the Pro Scanner window and can be found in their own custom folder titled “Option Pit Scans.”

“Mark and his team at Option Pit have been active users of Livevol platforms for years,” said Catherine Clay, CBOE Vice President, Business Development. “We are pleased to present to all our clients these powerful scans designed by the team at Option Pit.”

The new scans available in the “Option Pit scans folder” are:

Breakout/ Buy Long Delta Strangle scans for increasing realized volatility (HV10-HV20), stocks in the middle of the range and implied volatility in the lower 20 percentile. This scan is looking for stocks moving higher but with relatively cheap implied volatility.

OTM Put Time Spreads uses declining HV 30, current drop in stock prices and IV30 in the lower 20 percentile. The scan produces stocks that are grinding lower on lower implied volatility.

Buy 45+ DTE Calls looks for stocks in the top 90th price percentile but with implied volatility in the lower 10 percentile. The scan looks for very cheap mid-term calls to take advantage of potential upswings.

Buy 45+ DTE Puts looks for stock in the bottom 10% price percentile and lower 10 percentile in IV, producing cheap put buying opportunities on underperforming stocks.

CBOE Livevol provides traders with cutting-edge tools, data and custom analytics services. CBOE Livevol offers a wide spectrum of technology and data solutions, including a consolidated feed, real-time programmable analysis and scanning, historical files and back testing, real-time decision support, flat files, XML web services and other web components.

Option Pit is a full-service online option mentoring and consulting company dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s professional and potential professional option traders. The option trader programs include three pillars of success: Trade Structure, Risk Management and the Efficient Use of Capital.


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Option Pit LLC
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