Mist Announces Strategic Funding From Cisco Investments

Support from Cisco Investments will accelerate company’s disruption of the enterprise mobility market

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Mist, a pioneer in delivering amazing mobile experiences for enterprises, today announced a strategic investment from Cisco Investments. This investment will help Mist continue to advance its virtual Bluetooth Low Energy (vBLE™) beacon and wireless machine learning technology and grow its business.

“As an enterprise technology startup, there’s no greater stamp of approval than an investment from Cisco. This supports the groundbreaking nature of what we’ve brought to market,” said Sujai Hajela, CEO and co-founder of Mist. “For far too long, wireless infrastructure and experiences haven’t reflected users’ relationships with technology and the increasingly mobile world we exist in. With support from Cisco Investments, we will catapult wireless infrastructures everywhere into the modern age.”

Rob Salvagno, head of Cisco Investments and Corporate Development at Cisco commented, "In today’s mobile-defined world, Mist’s technology has the potential to completely change how our customers build mobile experiences. Cisco Investments is always looking for opportunities to back leading entrepreneurs. We’re excited for the chance to work with Sujai Hajela and Bob Friday again, and support a team with such a strong record of innovation in mobility.”

Customer Success

Bringing indoor location on par with outdoor GPS opens up a whole new horizon of mobile experiences to enterprises. Prominent organizations in healthcare, education and more are already benefitting from Mist’s technology.

UCLA Medical Center has deployed the Mist solution to help its members, doctors and nurses efficiently and easily navigate its large facility.

  • “UCLA’s Center for the Health Sciences complex has many hallways and entry/exit points, with multiple buildings attached to each other across one million square feet and 10 floors. Helping visiting researchers, new students, patients and others find their way around has been one of our biggest challenges,” explained Adrian Finemel, director of network services at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. “We considered another solution for indoor mobile wayfinding, but it wasn’t fully secure or developed. Mist will provide us the wayfinding technology we need but is more secure and will give us better analytics. Plus, Mist’s software opens up many potential future applications, too, such as content management, so we can add point of interest information, meeting room schedules, and more.”

Stanford Law School has deployed the Mist solution campus-wide to simplify and enhance the delivery of location-based services.

  • Jason O. Watson, CIO of the law school, had tried different types of BLE beacons for automation before and found that Mist’s virtual beacons removed a lot of the manual work in extending location-based services across the school’s two buildings.

    Watson elaborated, “We’re focusing on three initial use cases—room scheduling, so someone who arrives at a meeting room can see if it’s available and, if not, how to get to a nearby meeting space that is available; wayfinding, to help visitors, faculty, staff and students get from points A to B across our buildings; and the ability to allocate audio/video resources to users based on where and who they are. Mist’s solution integrates well with our existing Cisco network and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as with other technologies. Mist will really drive how we use our existing location-based service concepts and help us take them even further.”

Mission Health, an independent community hospital system headquartered Asheville, North Carolina, turned to Mist for its simplicity and ability to enhance operational efficiency.

  • “We’re excited about integrating BLE into our existing Wi-Fi infrastructure with the hope that it can provide us with a single layer of technology that will be more cost efficient and accurate,” said Bryan Totten, senior network engineer with Mission Health. “Having a non-proprietary client location solution will allow us to broaden the scope of trackable devices, as well as give increased opportunity for data analytics. Ultimately, we hope to find that BLE improves our operational efficiency and make us even more competitive in the healthcare industry.”

About Mist

Mist is a Silicon Valley based startup rethinking the future of indoor mobile services. Founded in 2014 by Cisco veterans Sujai Hajela, CEO; Bob Friday, CTO; and Brett Galloway, Chairman, and backed by Norwest Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Cisco Investments, Mist has brought wireless networking technology into the experience era by using machine learning and micro-services architecture to deliver amazing mobile experiences at web scale.

Some of the world’s largest organizations in retail, healthcare, hospitality, technology, higher education and more, as well as leading managed service providers, use Mist products. For more information, visit www.mist.com and follow @mistsystems.


Bite, for Mist
Molly Stein, 1-415-385-5137

Release Summary

Cisco Investments has made a strategic investment in Mist, the enterprise wireless startup applying machine learning to deliver amazing mobile experiences at scale.

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Bite, for Mist
Molly Stein, 1-415-385-5137