NeuroMama, Ltd. Launches Multifaceted SOCIAL NETWORK

Search Engine Based on Neural Technology, Real-Time Translation, Advanced Sharing Tech, Make Vica.Life World's First SOCIAL NETWORK without Borders

BAJA CALIFORNIA, Mexico--()--NeuroMama, Ltd. (OTC:NERO), the Internets premier provider of customized search engines to business, think tanks and research facilities, today announced the launch of Vica.Life the world's most technologically advanced and versatile content distribution network.

Jeremy Thomas, the company Interim CTO said,“Imagine a world where your phone, TV and computer could all communicate on a common platform. Imagine being able to make an audio and video call from any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. Just think about the convenience, practicality, and overall value provided by real time communication features available completely FREE, anytime & anywhere. No need for plugins, downloads, a mobile application, subscription, or membership.

"Welcome to powered by

"Pioneering the global communications industry, has become what many are stating as the, 'next generation web based communication platform' offering a bundle of real time communication features via WebRTC.”

Jeremy continues, “Vica.Life is the world's most technologically advanced and versatile social network, and much, much more.

"In addition to all the typical features offered by Facebook and other social networks, members of Vica.Life will be able to explore other cultures and interact with people in other countries with real-time language translations, enjoy the web's highest quality Audio/Video calls thanks to Vica.Life's WebRTC technology and instantly collaborate on projects and share thoughts, sketches and graphics via Vica.Life's integrated Whiteboards.

"Vica.Life's Audio/Video Conference technology makes it easy for members to participate in virtual personal and business meetings while the network's Audio/Video Broadcast capability lets members interact with multiple users instantaneously.

"Other major features of the Vica.Life social network include one-click sharing of photos and videos, sending and receiving of virtually any file type, easy blocking and unblocking of specific users, push button text message broadcasting to all or specific groups of members, up-to-the-minute reporting of when friends were last active on a chat window and seamless performance on all types of devices via elegant, high-performance Android and IOS apps."

"Vica.Life is dedicated to the memory of Victoria 'Vica' Zubkis who was brutally murdered and thrown into the ocean near San Diego in May of 2015," Victoria's father and NeuroMama, Ltd's General Design and Marketing adviser Steven Schwartzbard said. "Victoria, though only 20 when she died, was truly a citizen of the world. Vica had the most important element of human character - compassion. She could sing in English, Russian and Spanish, she competed in Rhythmic Gymnastics events, played piano, at 6 years old started to perform with Olympic champions in Cirque Style Productions. Vica worked with world-class cirque artists from every continent except Antarctica.

"In the near future youth of Rosarito Beach will have an opportunity to be involved in various extracurricular activities that Victoria was involved with offered by Victoria Prestige program. This program will be fully funded by profits from live entertainment events promoting Vica.Life and

"Because of the person she was and the life she led, we knew that the Vica.Life Social Network had to embrace the whole world in a way other social networks didn't.”

"Yes, of course, it's true that all the social networks, particularly Facebook, are active in every country except those that block any internet access to the outer world," Schwartzbard continued. "But their emphasis is mainly on enabling people in each country to communicate with friends in the same country. Our emphasis is international. We feature real-time language translation and have optimized our network, communications technology and audio/video capability to make sharing between members in the U.S. and Russia or England as simple and reliable as sharing between L.A. and Las Vegas."

Schwartzbard also noted that Latin America is the market NeuroMama is interested in, and it has moved its headquarters from Novosibirsk, Russian Federation to the very beginning of Latin America, to the state of Baja California in Mexico.

However, most of the company's mathematicians and computer programmers are still located in Russia.

"In the very near future all NeuroMama's technological advancement will become available to Chinese people through Equity/Revenue Share and Service Agreement with one of its strategic Chinese partners able to scale the Great Anti-Internet Wall of China and begin to offer services in that virtually untapped market by the end of Q4," Schwartzbard continued.

Mr. Thomas said, “So much more than just a social network, is a search engine, online community, business directory, shopping channel, and of course a provider of real time communication features topping any other provider in the market. With WebRTC just click and you’re connected. No app to download or proprietary plug-in or client to struggle with. No muss, no fuss.

"These features include:

  • high quality and crystal clear audio video calls
  • audio & video group calling
  • audio & video broadcasting
  • radio communication
  • instant photo and video sharing
  • send and receive files
  • whiteboard collaboration
  • real time translations
  • text messaging and SMS
  • Smiley faces and stickers
  • Single and multiple player games
  • And more!

"All features are available to use with an internet connection via WiFi or 3G, 4G, LTE. can be easily accessed on all devices. This includes on the Web with www.Vica.Life, Desktop messenger, and native applications available to download for Android & iOS.

"An additional real time communication feature that we’ve just launched is a web page that will offer an easy, secure, and free way for multiple people to connect via Audio/Video by simply sharing a session ID via email or text message. There’s no need to share personal information or download anything at all. The 'Chat Now' feature provides an anonymous and secure way of communicating worldwide instantly thus providing a much more convenient and practical way to communicate compared to other apps and plugins such as Skype.

"Another feature that is under development for released this year will be the 'Call out' feature allowing users the ability to make and receive calls to and from landlines and cell phone networks for a low rate per minute.

"By far one of the most exciting products on our list for development are online video games built using WebRTC, and will let you play face to face with your friends and video chat right in the browser, no plug-ins necessary. The get UserMedia API provides access to your webcam and microphone, RTCPeerConnection sends the audio and video to your friends, and RTCDataChannel exchanges all the bits and pieces that keep the game in sync.

"Play in 3D thanks to CSS3, with the same game engine running under the hood. All the graphics run on your GPU, freeing the CPU for other tasks. An example of a video game built in WebRTC is, however the video games developed by NeuroMama, Ltd. will be focused on engaging the user with learning material such as Math, Reading, Spelling, etc.

"Aside from its flagship product www.Vica.Life, NeuroMama, Ltd. is also heavily involved in the research and development of WebRTC technologies relating to the business sector.

"A primary focus of NeuroMama, Ltd. is the development and implementation of a WebRTC-based products to provide an instant direct connection between the consumer and the business, and could decrease time to resolution, lowering customer support costs and increasing customer satisfaction and retention. The outcome is an increase in revenue for the merchant and a more pleasant experience for the customer.

"Additional business models include but may not be limited to:

  • Closed user communities: Social Networks, Mobile applications, Field Agents, organizations that need a secure way of communicating.
  • Web-based merchants operating contact centers. As a bonus, you can run the agent-side app in a browser without needing a separate soft client or desk phone, and you can take advantage of omni-channel features such as co-browsing
  • Large-scale videoconferencing: Traditional multipoint control units are expensive and have a limited repertoire of display formats.
  • Contact centers: These represent a strong potential market for WebRTC-based services because people are increasingly using the Web to access customer support information, rather than turning to the Yellow Pages (phone directory) or their existing bills. Customers would find an easier time of accessing real-time interactive customer support services directly through their Web browsers with voice, messaging, and video chat applications,” ends Mr. Thomas.

About NeuroMama, Ltd. -- International Holding Conglomerate -- Identifying successful business models to enhance shareholder value with holdings.

One of the operating businesses of NeuroMama, Ltd. is the Search Engine based on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Technology.

NeuroMama's Business-To-Business model involves providing Private Label Search Engines, and Social Networks with WebRTC capabilities powered by to businesses, organizations and governments with marketing power and large customer base via Equity, Revenue Share and Service Agreements.

Neuromama, Ltd. (OTC: NERO) is a company worth $29.3 billion and it's shares trade on (OTC) of the US Stock Exchange.

Neuromama, Ltd. internet search engine for businesses is like Google and Yahoo. helps support business and governments.
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Welcome to powered by Pioneering the global communications industry, is the “next generation web based communication platform"


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