The Fourth of July heat is on...GEICO reminds drivers to stay mindful of their most precious cargo

WASHINGTON--()--For many, the July 4 holiday marks the start of the summer vacation season, which often comes with family road trips and a swell in temperatures across the country. GEICO urges parents and all drivers to remain extra vigilant for their young passengers.

Since 1998, more than 650 children have died from heatstroke in a vehicle according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) This fact underscores the importance of knowing where your child is at all times.

According to, children can overheat five times as fast as adults. When a child's core body temperature reaches around 107 degrees, the outcome almost always is lethal.

Since high temperatures can quickly endanger young children, drivers need to consider how easily a car can become sweltering. According to NHTSA's

  • In just 10 minutes, a vehicle's temperature can rise by more than 20 degrees
  • Even on cloudy days, heatstroke can still occur
  • A car's inside temperature can rise to more than 100 degrees even when outdoor temperatures are mild
  • Simply opening a vehicle's windows isn't enough to prevent heatstroke

To prevent the risk of a child suffering heatstroke, remember:

  • Never leave a child alone in a locked car with the windows open any time of the year
  • Always check the back seats when exiting a vehicle
  • Consider keeping a stuffed toy or another object on the passenger seat to serve as a reminder that a child is in back
  • Keep car keys out of reach so that children can't gain access to a vehicle unattended

Visit GEICO online for more tips on hot weather travel safety.

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