Net Asset Value(s)


Net Asset Value for ALTIN AG as at 24 June 2016: USD 67.99 per share (estimated).

Note: This NAV was computed today, 30 June 2016, based on estimated prices for underlying hedge funds as at 24 June 2016.

Total assets: USD 234’532’753

Outstanding shares: 3’449’706 shares

ALTIN AG ■ Neuhofstrasse 8 ■ CH-6340 Baar ■ Switzerland

Tel.: +41(0)41 760 62 60 ■ Fax: +41(0)41 761 92 23 ■ e-mail:

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Short Name: Altin AG
Category Code: NAV
Sequence Number: 534871
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20160630T163818+0100


Altin AG


Altin AG