Genesis Media Partners with Heads Music to Help Music Artists Significantly Improve Fan Engagement

Data Analytics Allow Artists, Including Wyclef Jean, to Better Measure Impact of Content and Message (Graphic: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Genesis Media, the only platform making advertising decisions based on real-time user attention, today announced a new collaboration with Heads Music, a female founded and led Indie label, to enable music artists to more effectively reach and engage their fans through data analytics.

Through the new partnership, artists including Wyclef Jean will be able to tap into Genesis Media’s attention analytics platform to find better ways to market music. The attention data will provide insights into which formats, lengths and types of creative resonate best with music fans.

"As an artist, it’s incredibly important to find deeper and more meaningful ways to engage with my fans,” said Wyclef Jean, music artist. “When we merge what we do as creatives with science, it becomes a powerful tool to improve the way we reach our audience.”

The digital music marketing category is growing quickly and has become a fiercely competitive space for fan attention. Digital and social are both major influences in the way that consumers discover new music. Marketers are constantly creating new content and a challenge is demystifying the true ROI for that content.

“This partnership with Genesis Media will provide us with a level of insight we were unable to achieve before, said Madeline Nelson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Heads Music. “The quantifiable attention data will help our company and our artists optimize our efforts across the board.”

“We are thrilled to embark on this new relationship with Heads Music and look forward to uncovering the best ways to engage music fans and share our insights widely with the industry,” said Mark Yackanich, Genesis Media’s Chief Executive Officer. “We believe data is a powerful tool for a content creator – to see exactly what parts of a message are working and how to reach engaged people. Data is deeply rooted in all of the products we create."

Through the partnership, Genesis Media and Heads Music plan to:

  • Evaluate the details that affect consumption and attention in music marketing, including audience and contextual alignments that matter
  • Explore the differentiated use of ad formats, length and creative, including branded content vs advertising to find which are most effective
  • Showcase how data can effectively help music artists to expand audience reach and understand the attention that their brand earns and how the message is received
  • Develop a better understanding of the Heads Music audience and how to reach them, with approaches that can be applied for other music brands
  • Report how the results of this campaign can apply to other brands and can be used in the greater advertising industry

Earlier this year, Genesis Media announced Adaptive Formats, a new framework for advanced ad deployment and yield optimization driven by real-time data insights. Adaptive Formats dynamically selects ad formats that are the best fit for the page’s content and reader attention.

Each one of Genesis Media’s ads is powered by the company’s Page Attention Rank™ (P·A·R™), a patented analytics solution that scores Web page content quality in real-time based on consumer attention. By pairing quality, engaging editorial content with optimized delivery formats, Genesis Media is able to deliver the industry’s most viewable ads.

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About Genesis Media

Genesis Media’s real-time analytics platform is the first of its kind to make advertising decisions based on user attention data. The platform analyzes how each piece of content is consumed, across 28 million publisher pages. This unique insight into time spent and interaction with articles is used in creating highly viewable ad experiences that are best suited for each page. Premium publishers and leading national advertising agencies rely on Genesis Media's software to accurately quantify the true value of publisher content, and reduce waste for brand advertisers.

For publishers without video, Genesis Media dynamically creates and inserts relevant inventory, opening up new streams of revenue. Genesis Media also provides digital advertising agencies with the most intelligent and top performing outstream solution in the market, maximizing time spent in view with video ads. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit.

For more information about Genesis Media and its services, please visit or follow the company on Twitter @GenesisMediaNY.

About Heads Music

Heads Music™ established in 2012, is a female-founded and led indie label. The mission of Heads Music, as set forth by its CEO, Madeline Nelson, is to support and nurture young talent. Heads Music label and management welcomes artists who want to play an integral role in every step of their release process, from marketing to promotion and sales.

Modeled with Berry Gordy’s Motown Records in mind, Heads operates in true partnership with its artists through genuine artist development to hone talent and build industry longevity. Heads Music continues to develop and build an impeccable roster of diverse artists, producers and writers, including global artist and producer Wyclef Jean, bilingual R&B singer Jazzy Amra, and Wyclef’s featured artist on his first single “my Girl” - SashaMari.


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Release Summary

Genesis Media today announced a new collaboration with Heads Music to enable music artists to more effectively reach and engage their fans through data analytics.


Grace Naugle, 212-819-4826