GoGuardian Announces Public Launch of “Mission Control” for School Devices

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GoGuardian Fleet: Chromebook "Mission Control" to streamline managing, maintaining, updating and deploying school devices.

LOS ANGELES--()--GoGuardian Fleet™—a new tool to help educators effortlessly manage, track, and maintain thousands of Chromebooks—is now available to the public after successful early adoption by over 400 educators managing 670,000 devices in 200 schools.

GoGuardian Fleet was designed and tested by educators to manage deployments of Chromebooks across any size school or district. Complementing existing Google management features, GoGuardian Fleet helps to replace, reduce, and support additional tools used to manage Chromebook fleets.

As schools nationwide embrace digital learning programs, Chromebooks have become the technology of choice. Unlike other devices, Chromebooks were designed to be managed from the cloud across entire school districts, and represent over half of all sales in K-12 schools.

Features & Benefits of GoGuardian Fleet include:

  • Google Admin Console Sync
    • Built to sync with Google Admin Console, allowing educators to update and maintain their devices across all platforms.
  • Bulk editing
    • Designed by educators to allow instant status changes, Organizational Unit (OU) updates, and assignment of devices to students and teachers.
  • Import existing data
    • Assign users, locations, OUs, and asset IDs to Chromebooks with a CSV upload.
  • Easy repair management
    • Track and manage statuses on device repairs, including easy cost reporting.

“We’re thrilled to receive such positive feedback about the impact GoGuardian Fleet has on school technology programs across the country,” said Cody Rice, GoGuardian Fleet Product Manager.

“Fleet further expands technology's impact on the resources and opportunities that schools can provide to students by making it even easier for educators to manage devices and focus on the benefits Chromebooks provide,” said GoGuardian CEO Aza Steel.


Interested schools can sign up online for a 14-day free trial.

About GoGuardian

GoGuardian provides software that helps keep students safer when they're online, helps teachers better engage with students, and provides educators with more control over how their technology is used. All GoGuardian software is easy to implement and manage across entire districts, and convenient to access through a single user-friendly dashboard.

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