Axcient Announces Fusion, World’s First Cloud-Converged Platform for IT Resilience

Cloud-based service enables businesses of all sizes to run with the resilience and agility of the world’s largest enterprises while reducing data center footprint by 80 percent

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Axcient, the industry-recognized leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), today announced Fusion, a cloud-converged platform for IT resilience and agility. Fusion, the product of more than 287,000 development hours and 23 patents, consolidates multiple non-production IT workloads — data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery, testing and development, archiving and compliance, data warehousing and analytics — into a single on-demand platform. By supplanting legacy point solutions, Fusion enables IT organizations to reduce infrastructure overhead and cost, regain valuable IT staff time and deliver more reliable and high-performing IT to internal and external customers.

“Until now, IT departments have been caught in a vicious cycle of buying more hardware and software and building more data centers to ensure IT availability, adhere to regulatory compliance and improve agility,” said Axcient CEO Justin Moore. “Axcient Fusion solves the problem by replacing all non-production IT infrastructure with one elastic, cloud-converged platform. From one copy of production data, with unlimited on-demand networking and compute, we enable every business to run with the resilience and agility of the world’s largest enterprises at one-tenth the cost.”

CIOs Handcuffed by Bloated, Complicated and Expensive Legacy IT Architectures

Today’s IT leaders are constantly asked to find new ways to deliver higher levels of service at lower cost and with fewer resources. Legacy hardware and software products for non-production workloads stand in the way. The hub-and-spoke model of legacy infrastructure creates redundant silos for each workload. This not only increases complexity and cost, but drastically limits IT’s ability to quickly respond to incidents, outages and security breaches.

While, at first look, the public cloud provides an attractive alternative to legacy on-premise solutions, it comes with its own challenges. “When we first looked at leveraging the cloud to reduce our data center footprint, we evaluated the large public cloud providers and quickly realized that there are significant, unexpected costs and implementation barriers,” said David Watson, IT Manager at Robinson Oil Corporation. “Fusion was the ‘easy button’ we were looking for to streamline our operations, reduce costs and increase our IT resilience. In under 10 minutes, we were able to install Fusion and watch our VMs start replicating to the cloud. Not only is our infrastructure simpler and more resilient than ever, but our team is now able to spend more time focusing on strategic IT initiatives and less time worrying about incidents and downtime.”

Axcient Fusion: Powerfully Simple IT Resilience in the Cloud

Fusion empowers businesses to significantly reduce overall IT spend and complexity by consolidating legacy solutions for resilience and agility into a single cloud-converged platform.

With Fusion, IT teams benefit from:

  • Five critical non-production workloads consolidated into one cloud-converged platform.
  • Less than 60 minutes from catastrophic infrastructure failure to full IT productivity.
  • One-click, on-demand testing and development environments using real-time data.
  • 30x reduction in data storage footprint with global data deduplication.
  • 10x reduction in network and compute requirements.
  • 90 percent reduction in bandwidth consumption with in-line WAN optimization.
  • Snapshots replicated to the cloud in as fast as 90 seconds.
  • Fully customizable retention policies for regulatory compliance.
  • Hardened transport and data security with AES-256 key-based encryption.
  • Ten minutes to set up and deploy.

Analyst Quotes about Axcient Fusion

“Organizations of all sizes are looking for two evolutions beyond just ‘better backups,’ including IT resilience and smarter usage of IT resources without so many disparate silos,” said Jason Buffington, Principal Analyst at ESG. “By combining the power of a cloud service with the comprehensive data protection platform that enables both IT resilience and non-data protection scenarios, Axcient is poised to deliver what many have sought after. As an initial pioneer of DRaaS who continues to innovate, Axcient remains one to watch in this industry.”

“The rapidly changing IT environment is driving the need for a new approach to holistically manage, protect and share corporate data,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director, Protection, Availability and Recovery at IDC. “We estimate that 60 percent of IT storage is consumed by copy data, and more than half of an enterprise’s storage hardware budget goes toward storing and managing redundant data. Copy data management solutions like Axcient are designed to eliminate the need to procure separate infrastructure for each of a business’s use cases, and the economics of this cannot be overlooked.”

Available June 28

Axcient Fusion is available immediately. Learn more about Axcient Fusion and contact Axcient directly at

About Axcient

Axcient solves complicated technology problems with powerfully simple cloud solutions to enable businesses to run at their full potential. Fusion, the world’s first cloud-converged solution for IT resilience, empowers businesses of all sizes to operate with the resilience and agility of the world’s largest enterprises while dramatically reducing data center footprint, complexity and cost. Thousands of businesses trust Axcient to keep their applications running, their data centers lean and employees productive. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Gartner recently recognized Axcient as a Leader in the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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Michael Kellner, 512-960-8222


Michael Kellner, 512-960-8222