Contango ORE, Inc. Announces the 2016 Phase II Budget for its Joint Venture

Core holes drilled on Tetlin Gold Project since inception (Graphic: Business Wire)

HOUSTON--()--Contango ORE, Inc. (“CORE” or the “Company”) (OTCQB:CTGO) is pleased to announce that the Management Committee of Peak Gold, LLC, (“Peak Gold”) managed by Royal Alaska, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Gold, Inc. (“Royal Gold”) has approved the 2016 Phase II budget of $6.8 million for the second half of the calendar year. This is in addition to the $4.2 million previously approved in connection with the Phase I 2016 budget, most of which was expended drilling core holes at the Tetlin Gold project. The 2016 Phase II budget will be expended on expansion and infill drilling on the North Peak, Connector, and West Peak existing target areas, as well as, initial drilling on additional new targets.

We expect Peak Gold to publish a new resource estimate after 2016 Phase II drilling and subsequent analysis is complete. During the 2016 Phase II drilling, we expect to release assay results periodically, beginning in late July.

The following table shows the most recent significant intercepts drilled on the project for which assay results are available for the 2016 drilling program. Sample intervals are calculated using 0.5 grams per tonne (gpt) lower cut off for gold with no internal waste less than cutoff grade that is greater than 3 meters in thickness. Intercepts shown are drill intercept lengths. True width of mineralization is unknown. The data below includes 13 new drill holes from TET16211 to TET16225:

Zone     Drill Hole    








North Peak     TET16211     16.11     26.42     10.31     3.50
North Peak     TET16211     29.87     42.82     12.95     3.09
North Peak     TET16211     50.04     54.25     4.21     2.70
North Peak     TET16211     114.76     121.05     6.29     1.44
North Peak     TET16212     52.88     55.85     2.97     0.90
North Peak     TET16212     142.22     144.57     2.35     1.56
North Peak     TET16213     115.98     127.84     11.86     0.61
North Peak     TET16214     54.67     56.49     1.82     1.40
North Peak     TET16214     140.47     143.77     3.30     1.27
North Peak     TET16215     50.58     66.20     15.62     2.40
North Peak     TET16215     86.10     89.68     3.58     0.93
North Peak     TET16216     17.28     32.99     15.71     1.84
North Peak     TET16216     55.85     69.79     13.94     0.90
North Peak     TET16216     110.33     112.00     1.67     0.94
West Peak     TET16217     50.02     52.64     2.62     0.78
West Peak     TET16217     88.30     89.40     1.10     1.47
West Peak     TET16218     49.53     55.42     5.89     1.98
West Peak     TET16218     60.76     63.82     3.06     1.76
West Peak     TET16218     77.11     85.8     8.69     2.25
West Peak     TET16218     191.47     206.48     15.01     7.10
West Peak     TET16218     215.6     216.96     1.36     1.28
West Peak     TET16219     37.65     47.55     9.90     1.37
West Peak     TET16219     195.24     199.32     4.08     0.64
North Peak     TET16220     30.20     56.23     26.03     4.67
North Peak     TET16220     64.16     66.14     1.98     6.81
North Peak     TET16220     71.72     73.75     2.03     1.34
North Peak     TET16221     21.61     39.53     17.92     8.23
North Peak     TET16221     74.07     92.63     18.56     2.91
North Peak     TET16221     97.82     99.86     2.04     3.06
North Peak     TET16221     105.71     117.65     11.94     2.74
North Peak     TET16221     125.10     129.54     4.44     4.43
North Peak     TET16224     109.07     115.61     6.54     2.50
North Peak     TET16225     55.60     64.90     9.30     11.77
North Peak     TET16225     87.64     105.14     17.5     2.95

Brad Juneau, CEO, commented, “We continue to be impressed with the efficiency of the drilling operations, as we are seeing significant improvements in the cost per foot drilled which stands currently at approximately $115/ft. In addition, the number of holes that encounter skarn material, a prerequisite for finding gold in this area, has improved such that most holes find this type of mineralization. The Peak Gold team is continually improving its understanding of the geologic model, which has led to the drilling at Connector and West Peak. With the new drill hole data, we are continuing to find significant thickness and impressive grades of gold, as shown on the significant interval table shown above. Our immediate goal is to extend the known limits of the deposits we have found, and to provide enough information to provide reliable data on the continuity of the gold distribution in each area. We are continuing our surface recon program and may carry out additional soil geochemical sampling work to develop new drilling targets this summer. Our cumulative drilling from 2011 through the present has tested less than one percent of the acreage that we currently have under lease. We will be giving a presentation on the Tetlin Gold Project at the Explorer and Developer Forum at the Denver Gold Forum on September 19, 2016 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.”

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