Numenta Releases HTM Studio

Easy way for businesses to experiment with machine intelligence to find anomalies in streaming data

With HTM Studio, businesses can experiment with Numenta’s advanced machine intelligence algorithms to discover what anomalies can be found in their streaming data sets. No coding skills required. (Graphic: Business Wire)

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--()--Numenta, Inc., a leader in machine intelligence, today announced the release of HTM Studio for anomaly detection, a desktop tool that makes it easy for businesses to experiment with advanced machine intelligence algorithms to uncover anomalies in their streaming data. Simply add numeric, time-series data files to HTM Studio and with the click of a button, discover and visualize within minutes what anomalies can be found.

HTM Studio is based on Numenta’s HTM (Hierarchical Temporal Memory) biologically inspired machine intelligence technology. HTM learns time-based patterns in unlabeled streaming data, making it ideal for prediction, classification and anomaly detection. Because of its ability to perform continuous, unsupervised learning, HTM can find subtle, temporal anomalies that other techniques cannot find.

"I was impressed with the ease of use and how quickly it is to iterate on testing a variety of data streams. The HTM was able to pick out and forecast the needle I was interested in, within a haystack of needles,” commented early beta tester Vaughn DiMarco, Lead Data Science Consultant at Montreal-based VONALYTICS.

HTM Studio provides an easy way for businesses interested in using Numenta’s technology for anomaly detection to undertake a proof of concept securely using their own data. If HTM Studio finds interesting anomalies, then a user can do a full implementation or deployment of HTM.

“Detecting anomalies early in streaming data can have significant value, but it’s difficult to do. We wanted to make it easy to try HTM on your own streaming data,” said Donna Dubinsky, CEO of Numenta. “With HTM Studio, no coding skills are required. Parameters are automatically set. In a matter of minutes, you can visualize anomalies in your datasets.”

For those who don’t have streaming data readily available, HTM Studio includes pre-loaded datasets for experimentation. Sample datasets include a variety of use cases: IoT sensors, preventative maintenance, tracking vehicles and network servers.

The tool is available at no charge for Mac and Windows desktop systems. Go to for details and to get started with HTM Studio.

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About Numenta

Founded in 2005, Numenta has developed a cohesive theory, core software technology, and numerous applications all based on principles of the neocortex. Laying the groundwork for the new era of machine intelligence, this technology is ideal for large-scale analysis of continuously streaming data sets and excels at modeling and predicting patterns in data. Numenta has also developed a suite of demonstration applications that utilize its flexible and generalizable HTM learning algorithms to provide solutions that encompass the fields of machine generated data, human behavioral modeling, geo-location processing, semantic understanding and sensory-motor control. In addition, Numenta has created NuPIC (Platform for Intelligent Computing) as an open source project. Numenta is based in Redwood City, California.

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Release Summary

Numenta has released HTM Studio for anomaly detection, a desktop tool that makes it easy for businesses to experiment with advanced machine intelligence.


Krause Taylor Associates
Betty Taylor, 408-981-7551