VictorOps Announces the Incident Automation Engine, Further Advancing Innovation in Real-Time Incident Management

VictorOps helps companies bypass traditional Network Operations Centers by proactively routing alerts, transforming data, and solving problems using end-to-end automation

BOULDER, Colo.--()--VictorOps, the real-time incident management company for DevOps teams, announced the Incident Automation Engine, a set of cutting-edge features for on-call teams to automate their way to faster mean time to resolution (MTTR) through use of intelligent alerts, sophisticated routing, and smarter system outputs.

Unlike other incident management tools that mainly focus on triaging alerts and notifications, the VictorOps Incident Automation Engine provides unsurpassed control and insight throughout the entire incident lifecycle via a combination of intelligent system inputs and actionable outputs. The Incident Automation Engine automatically quiets the noise of unnecessary alerts, delivers remediation solutions alongside alerts, and provides visibility into and documentation of all communications and actions that occurred during an incident. Additionally, through the use of outbound webhooks, the entire VictorOps solution can now be configured to send data to other tools in real-time, enabling users to do everything from automatically fixing standard issues to customizing dashboards.

“More and more often, the best way to speed organizational innovation is by enabling developers to move quickly,” said Todd Vernon, VictorOps CEO and co-founder. “When it comes to a company’s uptime, this same concept applies. Today valuable time is lost with archaic alerting systems and manual processes. The [Incident Automation] Engine now becomes a foundation to automate out these inefficiencies, gain clearer access to actionable information and continuously evaluate and improve the inputs driving on-call processes.”

Key features of the Incident Automation Engine include:

  • Alert Transformations- Quiet unactionable alerts and automatically route specific alerts to the correct team members.
  • Alert Annotations- Automatically append alerts with runbooks, monitoring graphs and other relevant information, giving the alert recipient immediate remediation steps.
  • Outbound Webhooks- Extend VictorOps platform data into other systems and integrate VictorOps incidents into other service dashboards.
  • API- Leverage the VictorOps API to extend VictorOps to existing legacy tools and reporting systems.
  • Post-Mortem Report Generator- Automatically pull a snapshot of all activities (alerts, conversations and remediation actions) associated with an outage. Easily use this data to report on SLAs and facilitate team retrospectives.

VictorOps was one of five companies Gartner featured as a 2016 “Cool Vendor” in DevOps. The Incident Automation Engine is one of the many reasons for this recognition. Its purpose is to support on-call teams as they learn from each incident, providing them with the means to continuously improve and evolve their processes.

“Visibility at velocity is very important to us so engineers know what needs to be addressed from problems identified in production,” said Mike Perttula, DevOps Specialist, Signiant. “[The] VictorOps Incident Automation Engine is allowing us to inform more team members in a timely fashion. We are lowering our MTTR and increasing the reach of our incident alerting audience without waking up everyone for the wrong reasons.”

“With the Incident Automation Engine, our customers are now better empowered to resolve and even prevent future incidents, thereby protecting revenue loss, driving customer satisfaction, and maintaining brand reputation,” said Vernon.

The functionality delivered as part of the Incident Automation Engine is now available in the Enterprise edition of the VictorOps product. For more information about the Incident Automation Engine, visit VictorOps.

About VictorOps

VictorOps is the real-time and agile incident management platform focusing on incident lifecycle management and collaboration for IT and DevOps teams. The solution combines the power of people and data to solve IT problems in real-time. The VictorOps platform seamlessly orchestrates team situational awareness, incident creation, escalation, notification, and remediation with team members regardless of physical location or time of day. Privately held, VictorOps is backed by Costanoa Venture Capital and Foundry Group. For more information, visit and follow the company on Twitter @VictorOps.


For VictorOps
Mackenzie Kreitler, 978-518-4536


For VictorOps
Mackenzie Kreitler, 978-518-4536