Diamond Traceability Extended up to Jewellery by Belgo-Swiss Diamantaire with Hauthentic

GENEVA--()--The Antwerp-born diamantaire Raoul Beck launched today in Geneva (Switzerland) the jewellery brand Hauthentic, whose jewels reveal the individual history of their own central diamond. The traceability of diamonds, so far guaranteed by the Kimberley Process for rough diamonds only, is thus extended to the cut diamonds set in jewellery.

Traceability. The Becks document all steps and stops travelled by each of their diamonds. From the rough gemstone in its country of origin, through the craftsmen who cut and polished it, and until its setting into jewellery, this distinctive journey is accurately recounted in the Diamond Passport. This booklet identifies the rough stone out of which that diamond was cut, with its picture and rough weight, its origin and the Kimberley Process certificate of origin under which it was exported. The Diamond Passport is thus the most comprehensive document in the world designating the origin and traceability of diamond jewellery. Produced exclusively by Hauthentic and edited individually for each jewellery item, it therefore complements the diamond certificate.

History. « Rather than mere luxury jewellery or high jewellery, it is the unique story of their own diamond that our customers are looking for before everything else, » says Raoul Beck, who offers only rare high-quality diamonds, of course both natural and untreated.

Craftsmanship. The Hauthentic jewellery collection consists of luxury jewellery items that are all hand set, thereby valuing traditional craftsmanship. For each engagement ring or other diamond ring, earrings or diamond pendant, the customer selects a diamond of his choice on the online jewellery store www.hauthentic.com (soon available in English and other languages). Hauthentic also creates unique pieces of custom made high jewellery, handmade by goldsmiths using traditional craft techniques.

About. Raoul Beck is a member of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse. He is from the fifth generation of a diamantaire family active in the diamond industry since 1860. He is the grandson of Israel Beck, who was cofounder and president of the Antwerpsche Diamantkring, which was founded in Antwerp in 1929 to become the first bourse for rough diamonds worldwide.

The brand Hauthentic is owned by the company Yazam Sàrl, located Place du Molard 7, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland.


Raoul Beck, +41 22 518 20 90