FORM 8.3 - RPC GROUP PLC - Amendment


FORM 8.3 - Amendment to s2(a) and 3(a)



Rule 8.3 of the Takeover Code (the “Code”)


(a)   Full name of discloser:   Barclays PLC.
(b) Owner or controller of interest and short
  positions disclosed, if different from 1(a):  
(c) Name of offeror/offeree in relation to whose RPC GROUP PLC
  relevant securities this form relates:  
(d) If an exempt fund manager connected with an
offeror/offeree, state this and specify identity of
(e) Date position held/dealing undertaken: 15 June 2016
(f) In addition to the company in 1(c) above, is the discloser making YES:
  disclosures in respect of any other party to the offer? BRITISH POLYTHENE INDUSTRIES PLC


If there are positions or rights to subscribe to disclose in more than one class of relevant securities of the offeror or offeree named in 1(c), copy table 2(a) or (b) (as appropriate) for each additional class of relevant security.

(a) Interests and short positions in the relevant securities of the offeror or offeree to which the disclosure relates following the dealing (if any)

Class of relevant security:       ORD            
Interests Short Positions
    Number (%) Number (%)
(1) Relevant securities owned
and/or controlled: 3,703,852 1.18% 1,546,254 0.49%
(2) Cash-settled derivatives:
1,429,333 0.45% 2,773,219 0.88%
(3) Stock-settled derivatives (including options)
and agreements to purchase/sell: 0 0.00% 0 0.00%
TOTAL: 5,133,185 1.63% 4,319,473 1.37%

All interests and all short positions should be disclosed.

Details of any open stock-settled derivative positions (including traded options), or agreements to purchase or sell relevant securities, should be given on a Supplemental Form 8 (Open Positions).

(b) Rights to subscribe for new securities (including directors’ and other employee options)

Class of relevant security in relation to which subscription right exists:  
Details, including nature of the rights concerned and relevant percentages:  


Where there have been dealings in more than one class of relevant securities of the offeror or offeree named in 1(c), copy table 3(a), (b), (c) or (d) (as appropriate) for each additional class of relevant security dealt in.

The currency of all prices and other monetary amounts should be stated.

(a) Purchases and sales

Class of relevant   Purchase/sale   Number of   Price per unit
security   securities  
ORD Purchase 18 8.0955 GBP
ORD Purchase 225 8.1025 GBP
ORD Purchase 252 8.0775 GBP
ORD Purchase 330 8.0950 GBP
ORD Purchase 461 8.0550 GBP
ORD Purchase 482 8.0300 GBP
ORD Purchase 500 8.0700 GBP
ORD Purchase 657 8.1000 GBP
ORD Purchase 1,150 8.1150 GBP
ORD Purchase 1,353 8.0450 GBP
ORD Purchase 1,389 8.0400 GBP
ORD Purchase 1,841 8.1028 GBP
ORD Purchase 2,131 8.1050 GBP
ORD Purchase 2,400 8.0350 GBP
ORD Purchase 2,489 8.0473 GBP
ORD Purchase 2,540 8.0697 GBP
ORD Purchase 2,687 8.1200 GBP
ORD Purchase 2,858 8.0850 GBP
ORD Purchase 2,881 8.0500 GBP
ORD Purchase 3,779 8.1100 GBP
ORD Purchase 4,855 8.0891 GBP
ORD Purchase 7,523 8.0600 GBP
ORD Purchase 8,691 8.0800 GBP
ORD Purchase 9,139 8.0610 GBP
ORD Purchase 10,802 8.0433 GBP
ORD Purchase 14,768 8.0706 GBP
ORD Purchase 20,401 8.0748 GBP
ORD Purchase 24,396 8.0699 GBP
ORD Purchase 25,224 8.0811 GBP
ORD Purchase 60,813 8.0509 GBP
ORD Purchase 116,780 8.0720 GBP
ORD Sale 37 8.0989 GBP
ORD Sale 145 8.0419 GBP
ORD Sale 225 8.1025 GBP
ORD Sale 330 8.0950 GBP
ORD Sale 461 8.0550 GBP
ORD Sale 482 8.0300 GBP
ORD Sale 500 8.0700 GBP
ORD Sale 500 8.0600 GBP
ORD Sale 558 8.0441 GBP
ORD Sale 657 8.1000 GBP
ORD Sale 685 8.0966 GBP
ORD Sale 687 8.0448 GBP
ORD Sale 700 8.0807 GBP
ORD Sale 730 8.0996 GBP
ORD Sale 1,150 8.1150 GBP
ORD Sale 1,389 8.0400 GBP
ORD Sale 1,501 8.0967 GBP
ORD Sale 1,661 8.0656 GBP
ORD Sale 1,687 8.0418 GBP
ORD Sale 1,913 8.0450 GBP
ORD Sale 1,943 8.0804 GBP
ORD Sale 2,131 8.1050 GBP
ORD Sale 2,400 8.0350 GBP
ORD Sale 2,559 8.0693 GBP
ORD Sale 2,686 8.1200 GBP
ORD Sale 2,695 8.0854 GBP
ORD Sale 2,858 8.0850 GBP
ORD Sale 2,881 8.0500 GBP
ORD Sale 3,779 8.1100 GBP
ORD Sale 6,714 8.0607 GBP
ORD Sale 8,691 8.0800 GBP
ORD Sale 9,078 8.0836 GBP
ORD Sale 9,908 8.0443 GBP
ORD Sale 12,049 8.0890 GBP
ORD Sale 12,062 8.0749 GBP
ORD Sale 16,712 8.1014 GBP
ORD Sale 19,347 8.0969 GBP
ORD Sale 65,700 8.0741 GBP
ORD Sale 191,222 8.0742 GBP

(b) Cash-settled derivative transactions

Class of   Product   Nature of dealing   Number of   Price per
relevant description reference unit
security     securities  
ORD SWAP Long 37 8.0989 GBP
ORD SWAP Long 145 8.0419 GBP
ORD CFD Long 616 8.1002 GBP
ORD CFD Long 730 8.0996 GBP
ORD CFD Long 1,040 8.0346 GBP
ORD SWAP Long 1,200 8.0694 GBP
ORD SWAP Long 1,495 8.0984 GBP
ORD SWAP Long 1,501 8.0967 GBP
ORD SWAP Long 1,687 8.0418 GBP
ORD CFD Long 1,943 8.0804 GBP
ORD CFD Long 2,559 8.0693 GBP
ORD SWAP Long 3,150 8.1047 GBP
ORD CFD Long 6,714 8.0607 GBP
ORD CFD Long 9,908 8.0443 GBP
ORD CFD Long 13,769 8.0947 GBP
ORD SWAP Long 14,431 8.0932 GBP
ORD CFD Long 16,712 8.1014 GBP
ORD CFD Long 65,700 8.0741 GBP
ORD CFD Short 1 8.1200 GBP
ORD CFD Short 18 8.0950 GBP
ORD SWAP Short 252 8.0774 GBP
ORD CFD Short 1,841 8.1028 GBP
ORD SWAP Short 2,446 8.0516 GBP
ORD CFD Short 2,489 8.0472 GBP
ORD CFD Short 5,159 8.0510 GBP
ORD SWAP Short 8,260 8.0563 GBP
ORD SWAP Short 20,401 8.0748 GBP
ORD CFD Short 11,614 8.0460 GBP
ORD SWAP Short 27,083 8.0453 GBP
ORD CFD Short 19,593 8.0595 GBP

(c) Stock-settled derivative transactions (including options)

(i) Writing, selling, purchasing or varying

Class of relevant security   Product description e.g. call option   Writing, purchasing, selling, varying etc.   Number of securities to which option relates   Exercise price per unit   Type

e.g. American, European etc.

  Expiry date   Option money paid/ received per unit

(ii) Exercise

Class of relevant security   Product description

e.g. call option

  Exercising/ exercised against   Number of securities   Exercise price per unit

(d) Other dealings (including subscribing for new securities)

Class of relevant security   Nature of dealing

e.g. subscription, conversion

  Details   Price per unit (if applicable)


(a) Indemnity and other dealing arrangements

Details of any indemnity or option arrangement, or any agreement or understanding, formal or informal, relating to relevant securities which may be an inducement to deal or refrain from dealing entered into by the person making the disclosure and any party to the offer or any person acting in concert with a party to the offer:

Irrevocable commitments and letters of intent should not be included. If there are no such agreements, arrangements or understandings, state “none”


(b) Agreements, arrangements or understandings relating to options or derivatives

Details of any agreement, arrangement or understanding, formal or informal, between the person making the disclosure and any other person relating to:

(i) the voting rights of any relevant securities under any option; or

(ii) the voting rights or future acquisition or disposal of any relevant securities to which any derivative is referenced:

If there are no such agreements, arrangements or understandings, state “none”


(c) Attachments

Is a Supplemental Form 8 (Open Positions) attached?   NO
Date of disclosure: 21 Jun 2016
Contact name: Pinar Coktas
Telephone number: 020 7116 1165

Public disclosures under Rule 8 of the Code must be made to a Regulatory Information Service and must also be emailed to the Takeover Panel at The Panel’s Market Surveillance Unit is available for consultation in relation to the Code’s disclosure requirements on +44 (0)20 7638 0129.

The Code can be viewed on the Panel’s website at

Category Code: RET
Sequence Number: 533109
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20160621T162819+0100