Native Docker Support Initiative Spearheads Tremendous Growth for Codeship

SEATTLE--()--Codeship, provider of hosted continuous integration (CI) solutions that empower software build and test automation, has generated significant growth following general availability (GA) launch of Jet, its platform that adds CI for Docker. In the four months since its launch, Jet’s user base has more than tripled, with companies of all sizes incorporating the platform to expedite Docker workflows.

Jet debuted in February of 2016, and Codeship has introduced a series of improvements since its launch. Chief among them is a revision to the way build allocation is handled, which cuts customer build times by nearly 25%.

“Docker adoption continues to grow, with premium customers moving development initiatives to the platform every day,” said Moritz Plassnig, CEO of Codeship. “We built Jet as a way to streamline Docker usage for these customers, and to empower them to more rapidly test and deploy new products.”

Among key benefits, companies that have incorporated Codeship’s Jet have seen:

  • Customizability- The ability to customize their test environment by leveraging their standard Docker configuration grants customers full control over their environment
  • Improved Performance- By ensuring every customer is working within its dedicated EC2 instance(s), Jet provides better performance, full control and more reliability for the test and build process
  • Increased Security- The removal of shared resources and use of a single-tenant system also allows companies to incorporate their full security initiatives without compromise
  • Microservices Testing- Jet allows customers to easily build microservices and test them throughout an entire system with Docker Compose

In addition, a key driver of Jet Adoption is the parity between development, test and production environments offered in the solution, which has encouraged companies like InVision to incorporate the platform into its development initiatives.

“From a vision perspective, Codeship’s CI/CD service has hit the nail on the head. And coupled with their jet CLI tool we’re able to orchestrate Docker and integrate it tightly into our development workflow. It has opened up numerous possibilities with how we use Docker to achieve environment parity, decrease image sizes, test faster and achieve continuous deployment.” said Chelsey Brown, Engineer at InVision.

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Codeship offers a hosted Continuous Integration platform that integrates with the existing DevOps stack and enables customers to accelerate time-to-market of products and features. Codeship turns a manual release process into an automated one by making it incredibly easy for developers to test and deploy new software—fast, reliably and securely—without taxing their own team or experiencing downtime. We help teams build the best products by allowing them to focus on product development instead of testing and releasing software. G2 Crowd listed Codeship as a High Performer under Build Automation in their Winter 2016 report. Among High Performers, Codeship had the best overall G2 score and highest satisfaction. To learn more about Codeship, go to


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For Codeship
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