DreamFunded.com Announces Release of New Book: “How to Make Money Investing in Pre-IPO Stocks”

An Investor’s Guide to Building Wealth in Private Companies

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Manny Fernandez, an equity crowdfunding expert, angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and internationally-syndicated speaker, announced the release of his new book, “How to Make Money Investing in Pre-IPO Stocks.”

In his book, Fernandez provides the critical information and knowledge that accredited investors need to know to successfully invest in private companies. The book is co-authored by Josh Maher, the author of “Startup Wealth”, who also has a background in angel investing.

“The private tech market has changed drastically over the years,” said Fernandez, CEO of DreamFunded.com. “Investors now have the opportunity to invest in the biggest private tech companies before they go public.”

The book will educate accredited investors by including the most pertinent information covering every aspect of investing as it relates to private company, pre-IPO shares. Fernandez understands the importance of offering detailed explanations that operate on the principle that success is more likely to occur when investors have access to information that is both clear and comprehensive.

Among the key topics addressed in the book are:

  • How regulations are changing to empower individuals to invest in pre-IPO stocks.
  • How pre-IPO stocks can be added to a portfolio.
  • How Investing in pre-IPO stock offers a lower risk profile than investing in early stage startups.
  • How to take advantage of this new market to build wealth.

With the recent implementation of Title III of the JOBS Act, also known as Regulation CrowdFunding, non-accredited investors can invest in private companies for the first time in more than 83 years. This unlocked billions of dollars into the marketplace and will increase the size of the private equity sector as a whole.

“These regulation changes have already started shaking up the market,” Fernandez said. “The competitive investor will need to have the proper knowledge and tactics to stay ahead of the game – and my new book provides that.”

Fernandez’s book will guide readers through these upcoming changes and will empower them to successfully invest in pre-IPO stocks. Readers will also learn the ins and outs of investing in pre-IPO stocks; such as how pre-IPO stocks come with lower risks, how they can be added to a portfolio, and more.

Known for his incredible investment success, Fernandez is one of the leading experts in the equity crowdfunding sector. In 2014, he was awarded SF Angel Investor of the year honors as well as the Equity Crowdfunding Leadership Award and in 2016, Fernandez was named Equity Crowdfunding Pioneer by Menlo College. He is often called upon to lend his advice and expertise in all manners of crowdfunding and investing at keynote speaking engagements and conferences across the U.S. and internationally.

In 2013, Fernandez founded SF Angels Group in San Francisco and has been an angel investor with TiE Angels since 2012. He is a frequent judge, speaker, and panelist for Silicon Valley corporations, startup demo days, and universities.

DreamFunded is an equity crowdfunding platform, offering liquidity for employees in pre-IPO tech companies and access for investors. Membership in the community is screened and only available to investors who meet the self-accreditation requirements outlined by the SEC.

DreamFunded Members can make investments as low as $3,000.

To receive a copy, visit www.dreamfunded.com/book


Michelle Villa


Michelle Villa