Digital Icebreaker helloTruly Launches to Make In‐Person Connections Easier

New Survey Reveals Singles Tire of Online Dating Deception and Long For Old‐School ‘Butterflies’ – 77 Percent Prefer In-Person Introductions Over Online Introductions

Breakthrough helloTruly App Debuts, Using the Right Amount of Technology to Make In-Person, In-the-Moment Introductions Easier and More Natural

CHICAGO--()--helloTruly launched today as the only app that focuses on “places” as the starting point for creating authentic connections between singles who want to meet. The app, available for free on both Android and iOS mobile devices, is an icebreaker that lets users make confident, in-the-moment introductions with people near them.

Co-founders and father-and-son team, Andy and Jack Kenoe, created helloTruly because they saw an opportunity to provide solutions to today’s dating difficulties: online dating fatigue and awkward introductions.

Dating can be difficult online and offline, but the consensus is clear: most people are dissatisfied with online dating. According to the 2016 Dating Habits Report—a survey of 2,000 people ages 18-45 conducted by SurveyMonkey for helloTruly—79 percent of those surveyed don’t trust online profile photos. And only 40 percent find that the people they meet in person through dating apps and dating websites have personalities that are consistent with their online personalities.

The rise in online dating fatigue suggests a need for old-school dating practices—leaning more toward in-person introductions. The overwhelming majority of those surveyed (77 percent) would prefer to meet someone new in person instead of online—citing a smile (88 percent), a hello (83 percent) and a compliment (46 percent) as among the best ways to introduce yourself to someone new.

While 73 percent said introducing themselves to someone new they’re attracted to “can be difficult or intimidating,” 81 percent of those surveyed answered that they’d be more likely to do just that if they “somehow knew” the person they’re attracted to was single and open to dating. Knowing in advance that another person is receptive to meeting someone new is the key to breaking the ice.

“helloTruly uses the right amount of technology to make finding someone new in the moment easier and then gets out of the way to let two people connect in their own authentic way,” said Andy Kenoe. “helloTruly makes in-person introductions easier because you know that other helloTruly user is receptive to meeting someone new.”

When helloTruly users go to their favorite places, helloTruly works in the background by letting users know—in real time, with push notifications—when someone who meets their preferences (gender and age) is nearby. helloTruly doesn’t allow remote access to user profiles or online chatting. That means users who are interested in meeting are encouraged—actually, compelled—to put their phones away and say hello in person.

You can also actively use helloTruly by checking the Hot Spots screen to increase your odds of meeting someone new. The Hot Spots screen keeps you up to date on nearby venues that have recently been the most popular with helloTruly users.

“helloTruly uses physical locations—venues—to connect people instead of creating an artificial online environment to browse profiles and text with people,” said Jack Kenoe. “Seeing someone with your own eyes is better than relying on a profile photo. And having an in-person conversation is better than chatting online with someone you’ve never met.”

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About helloTruly

helloTruly is the icebreaker that lets you know when it’s the right time to say hello to someone new, in person, at the places you go. Founded in Northbrook, Illinois by father-and-son team Andy and Jack Kenoe, helloTruly uses places as the starting point for creating authentic connections. The free mobile app makes it easier to find someone new in the moment and to say hello to that person right then and there. No questionnaires. No remote access to user profiles. No online chatting. Download helloTruly for free on the iPhone and Android mobile devices.

About the 2016 Dating Habits Report

In March 2016, SurveyMonkey conducted a survey on behalf of helloTruly of the dating habits of 2,004 U.S. men and women ages 18-45. To view the full 2016 Dating Habits Report, visit


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