EffectiveUI Doubles Down on Data Driven Design

Welcomes Kristin Youngling to New York City Office

DENVER--()--EffectiveUI, a global agency leader in digital products that transform and grow business, today unveiled an expanded practice dedicated to data driven design initiatives, which will be headed by Kristin Youngling, a new addition to the leadership team. The compounded focus underscores an under-addressed need for measurable design in digital products, a concept traditionally untouched by agencies.

“The need for data driven design, or ‘measurable design,’ is something experienced almost universally by today’s business leaders across verticals and industries,” said Peyton Lindley, chief strategy officer, EffectiveUI. “Business outcomes haven’t historically been tied to design investments, but that shouldn’t be the case. At EffectiveUI, we focus on end-to-end, immersive engagements with our client partners, and it’s critical for the value of each stage in our process to be clearly defined and measured.”

Youngling, senior director of data driven design, will drive strategy and execution for the new, in-house practice out of EffectiveUI’s New York City office, where the team has predominantly served the financial services and insurance category.

“We design and build digital products in enterprise environments with the intention to take what’s complex and make it simple,” said Youngling. “Understanding user behavior patterns and aligning the design accordingly is key to a successful, intuitive experience. My role is to focus on using data to drive insights that power better experiences for consumers and quantitative measurements that hold the design more accountable to the business return on investment.”

Youngling previously served several roles during her seven-year tenure at BrightLine, where she was mostly recently senior director, analytics and business intelligence. At BrightLine, she developed and managed the company standard for digital analytics and measurement best practice within the OTT/Connected TV industry, and also oversaw measurement offerings and deliverables for the company’s client portfolio. Youngling holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics/international relations from Boston University.

Why Data Driven Design

“The digital landscape often molds ‘what’s next’ for companies, but the rapid clip of technology often leaves a wake of uneven understanding and poorly guided systems,” said Lindley. “Our take is different and more comprehensive. The EffectiveUI data driven design practice both ensures we have the right, most accurate data and then determines how it will inform design in a meaningful way.”

Data + Context Go Hand-in-Hand

As there currently is no canonical way to create data driven design, EffectiveUI’s approach maps user experience (UX) key performance indicators (KPIs), for example, time on task or learnability, to business KPIs, aligning design decision-making with business objectives.

The EffectiveUI framework includes six phases:

Define: Analyze the client’s business objectives and translate them into UX KPIs and metrics

Benchmark: Measure the current experience to establish baseline UX metrics

Forecast: Predict the likely impact of design improvements

Design: Begin design and development activities guided by UX KPIs

Measure: Test and collect key performance data to measure results

Analyze: Analyze results to provide actionable insights and quantify value of success

The Quantitative / Qualitative Debate

Accessing data can be challenging in itself, but data can often be inaccurate, laden with biases, flaws and outdated information. While no data is entirely objective, the unique environment at EffectiveUI looks at data from a variety of vantage points to ensure biases are both identified and minimized for its client partners.

“Our process involves vetting and leveraging existing client data sets, as well as implementing new analytics tools and facilitating research to ensure a holistic measurement framework,” said Youngling. “In our experience, data isn’t just about numbers – not for evaluating performance, not for predicting future behavior. We blend quantitative data and qualitative information from the field, from a variety of audiences and seasons of activity, to ensure our design is intentional, on-strategy and tailored to deliver on client’s KPIs.”

What ROI Means at EffectiveUI

For more than a decade, EffectiveUI has worked with some of the largest organizations in the world – category leaders in healthcare, financial services, industrials and aerospace, among others. The wide range of vertical expertise requires solutions for different outcomes, including:

  • Improving adoption
  • Elevating experiences and increasing engagement
  • Reducing costs + generating savings
  • Boosting revenue
  • Driving product innovation
  • Better cross-channel communications
  • Increased system efficiencies

Measuring the impact of design is a customized process specific not only to the client and category, but also specific to the desired change.

“Given the need for an external perspective, our clients generally need a partner to drive this effort for them,” said Lindley. “Our design strategists want to make sure the value of design is communicated throughout client organizations, and therefore spend a great deal of effort teaching and collaborating throughout the process. For us, we see no other path for design but to be measured and accountable, but to also serve the long-term needs of an organization.”

About EffectiveUI

Denver-based EffectiveUI is a leading digital product company that designs and builds experiences to help transform and grow enterprise businesses. With more than 120 employees and a decade of award-winning experience, the EffectiveUI team of digital anthropologists, experience designers and creative technologists work to simplify complexity and humanize technology. EffectiveUI partners with clients in every vertical for immersive, end-to-end engagements that deliver meaningful solutions for their biggest challenges, and also offers in-house specialty practices for healthcare, financial services/insurance, industrials and civic innovation. An autonomous boutique agency with the chops and track record to deliver best-in-class solutions and service, EffectiveUI is a wholly owned subsidiary of WPP. For more information, visit www.effectiveui.com.


Jennifer Asbury, 303-241-3126


Jennifer Asbury, 303-241-3126