Bluecore Releases Predictive Audiences to Quickly Arm Marketers with ROI-Boosting Insights

Seamless integration and faster data ingestion delivers unrivaled campaign deployment across channels

NEW YORK--()--Bluecore, a customer experience platform empowering marketers to take immediate action on behavioral and product data, today announced Predictive Audiences, enabling predictive insights and actions that are currently unavailable to marketers. Unlike other complex, predictive and machine learning tools, this new application effortlessly ingests and analyzes more customer data, and is directly integrated into campaign workflows across all channels.

Bluecore now offers digital marketers the ability to prevent customer churn, predict customer lifetime value, and act on offer affinity, thereby anticipating shoppers’ reactions to future marketing messages. Predictive Audiences has the unique ability to simultaneously process customer behavior, analytics data and product catalog intel to produce deeper customer insights. Marketers can then instantly take action on those audiences - without the need for complex and costly data engineering projects. This simplicity and flexibility is a first for the industry and it enables marketers to target, sync and test campaigns in a matter of weeks – not months – leading to faster and better return on investment (ROI).

“It’s one thing to know how customers have historically engaged with your site, but it’s a different ballgame when you can predict what they will do next,” said Fayez Mohamood, co-founder and CEO of Bluecore. “Predictive Audiences tells marketers when to speak to which customers, who is important and who isn’t, who needs marketing and who wants to be left alone. This increases marketing performance quantitatively, but gives the marketer the ability to think qualitatively about how to engage specific audiences of customers, without second guessing how the audience is defined. We leave that to our data science team.”

When marketers have access to highly valuable, segmented audiences based on consumers’ predicted actions, preferences, and value, they can:

  • Accurately predict customer lifetime value
  • Predict the probability a customer will make a purchase in a given amount of time
  • Identify customers who are likely to be interested in new products and categories
  • Understand whether customers are more likely to open an email, click on an ad, or respond to an SMS
  • Proactively retain "at-risk" customers and win them back
  • Avoid making offers to full-price buyers and incent only those who need discounts to convert

“Predictive Audiences is an application that easily integrates and enhances our other marketing technologies, and it’s without a doubt one of the simplest data integrations we’ve ever done,” said Blake Brossman, CMO and Co-Founder at PetCareRX. “I’m excited to finally take the guesswork out of trying to understand what messages, products and offers will resonate. Predictive Audiences will allow my team to think about marketing more strategically, rather than being burdened with tactical decision making.”

Predictive Audiences integrates into any campaign workflow to complement existing technologies. In addition, through Bluecore’s platform, all customer audiences can be exported and shared for use in other marketing technologies at the marketers’ discretion.

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About Bluecore

At Bluecore we are empowering marketers to take meaningful, immediate action on behavioral and product data with speed and simplicity. Bluecore’s customer experience platform is designed to simplify the process of ingesting and analyzing terabytes of behavioral data to create precise audiences and experiences across channels. Backed by FirstMark Capital and Georgian Partners, Bluecore is one of New York City’s fastest growing SaaS start-ups and works with more than 180 customers representing more than 250 high-end apparel, electronics, automotive and other consumer brands. For more information visit


Ryan Luckin


Ryan Luckin