Online Editing Meets Digital Asset Management at DAM NY 2016

NEW YORK--()--Today at DAM NY 2016, Silicon Publishing (SPI), the leader in connecting the Adobe Creative Cloud to asset management systems, announced a new release of their Silicon Designer product. Developed with a modular architecture, Designer now offers enhanced performance and flexibility, following parallel evolution of its sibling product, Silicon Connector, today well-established as the choice for connecting InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to DAMs.

DAM Connectivity Advances on Two Fronts

SPI’s flagship product, Silicon Designer, put the company on the map in 2009, when it rapidly became the platform of choice for the world’s leading sites offering personalized greeting cards, photo books, and business collateral. With Designer, Adobe InDesign templates are transformed into online design experiences, with complete and configurable editing functionality, delivering high-quality output with the power of Adobe InDesign Server. Through the success of Designer, SPI was able to acquire some top-notch talent at extending InDesign, including a number of developers from the original team at Adobe that built the product.

The Simple Request that Spawned a New Product

In 2010, one of SPI’s largest clients complained that during the template setup process, their designers had to go through cumbersome processes to access their DAM. This was not a new situation: until that time InDesign could only talk to the local file system, resulting in cumbersome workflows around the world for anyone attempting true asset connectivity.

SPI used the talents of their developers, who knew the internals of InDesign better than anyone else in the world, to establish a product, Silicon Connector, which offers the only true URL-based linking from InDesign to DAM systems. Fast-forward six years and Connector now supports 12 DAMs, most of which are present at this year’s DAM NY conference:

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Alfresco
  • Blue Software
  • Box
  • Canto Flight
  • Dalim
  • Entermedia
  • Eyebase
  • Genus
  • MediaBeacon
  • WebDAM
  • Widen

Modular Connectivity to Virtually Any DAM System

The new version of Silicon Designer released today is heavily influenced by the experience gained in integrating desktop design tools with virtually all of the world’s major DAMs. The new, modular version of Silicon Designer offers a “plug and play” capability that allows for easy interface with assets from diverse sources, including concurrent connectivity with multiple DAMs, social media galleries, and asset libraries. As CEO Max Dunn demonstrated at DAM NY, Silicon Designer is now built with its own form of “Connector” – with drivers for the current Connector DAMs, and an architecture that links to new DAM systems in much the same way that Connector enables asset connectivity from Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

“In some sense we have come full circle,” said SPI CEO Max Dunn. “Connector came about in relation to desktop software, but the principles of DAM integration learned in that process informed the online application profoundly. We are happy to make it easy for our Connector clients to use Silicon Designer.”

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The world leader in web-to-print and multi-channel publishing with Adobe® InDesign® Server, Silicon Publishing has 16+ years of experience delivering best-of-class solutions for top brands including Nike, Google, Amazon, Hallmark, Adobe, and Disney.


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Release Summary

Silicon Publishing Releases a powerful online editing solution at the Henry Stewart DAM NY conference that integrates seamlessly with 12 of the world’s leading Digital Asset Management systems.


Silicon Publishing
Max Dunn, 925-935-3899