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Dissatisfaction Clear as “Presumptive” Republican Support Based on a Single Issue: Immigration

SAN RAFAEL, Calif.--()--After six months of polling, the results at ( clearly indicate that the self-proclaimed “presumptive” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump resonates with voters on only a single issue: immigration, according Gary Tobin, who produces the poll.

“Of four issues measured, interest in his views on immigration outnumber those of his stance on taxes, healthcare and jobs combined by five to one,” Tobin said. “Earlier, there had been a modest amount of feedback on healthcare but that has tailed off significantly. Taxes and jobs went the way Lindsay Graham and Rick Walker early.”

Tobin said that nearly 35 percent of the nearly 5000 who have visited the website voted in at least one category.

“I don’t claim to be scientific or that the results are predictive,” he said. “However, it is clear the comments reflect those published at other sites and that a lot of people are looking for another candidate to support.”

The top-rated “attribute” for Trump continues to be that he is “egotistical,” followed closely by those who consider him a “buffoon.” Rounding out the Top 3 is his penchant to “insult people.”

“It’s safe to conclude that there is a large group of voters who adamantly oppose him,” Tobin said. “There is also a very vocal contingent best characterized by the comment ‘I don’t care what he does or says, I am going to vote for him.’”

Tobin, who is self-funding the site, tallies and logs every vote the old fashioned way (by hand) “lest I be audited.” Unlike Trump, he does not solicit funding on his site.

“I did inquire at the company that produces Trump’s ‘Make America Great’ baseball caps about whether it would manufacture ‘’ versions. That door has not been closed.”

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It's clear according to the polling site that the presumptive Republican candidate resonates on only one issue: immigration.


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