LifeWallet™ Advances Risk Assessments and Healthier Living with HealthFluence

HealthFluence system empowers healthcare providers, insurance carriers, and retailers to take a more active role in helping individuals focus on improving their health

With the LifeWallet’s™ app-based HealthFluence ecosystem, healthcare providers can quickly and inexpensively set up a ‘healthy hub’ to provide individuals with their Life’s Simple 7® score — an instant ‘snapshot’ of their health — in a matter of minutes. The Miami, Florida-based healthcare technology company is expected to release HealthFluence to providers by the end of 2016. (Photo: Business Wire)

MIAMI--()--LifeWallet™ (, a leading healthcare technology company today announced its HealthFluence ecosystem, a new app-based solution designed to help healthcare providers, insurance carriers, retailers, and others engage consumers and allow consumers to easily and quickly assess their health.

“We’re thrilled with the profound impact that HealthFluence will have on the pace and scale of conducting risk assessments,” said Edwin Rivera, LifeWallet’s Healthcare Evangelist. “We believe that providing healthcare providers and individuals with tools to evaluate health will empower everyone to take a more active role in improving their health. This in turn will have a significant impact on lowering the costs of healthcare in the future.”

HealthFluence is the first ecosystem of its kind to provide a uniquely simple and advanced engagement experience that promotes flexibility and ease of use. Currently undergoing testing in world class leading healthcare facilities, HealthFluence will be released during the second half of 2016.

HealthFluence apps communicate over the air to provide assessments and questionnaires that are localizable and accessible. Using HealthFluence, an organization can quickly and inexpensively deploy a ‘healthy hub’ to engage consumers in health risk assessments. Due to its simplicity, HealthFluence enables healthcare providers to focus on providing care instead of learning complex software.

With HealthFluence, LifeWallet™ has designed an ecosystem that exploits the power of modern engagement to allow for inexpensive, high quality clinical studies that have unprecedented reach.

“This system was designed from the ground up by a team that includes former Apple engineers, to empower healthcare providers, insurance carriers, and retailers with the tools that promote health awareness and healthier lifestyles for their users,” Rivera said. “We are bringing the Apple ‘consumer first’ philosophy to healthcare with HealthFluence, an important tool in the population health initiative.”

HealthFluence is composed of several Apps that currently include Encounter and HealthQuest and in the future will include a Personal Health Record (PHR) app that will revolutionize patient-provider engagement.

  • Encounter is an easy to use iPad® app that helps healthcare providers set up health assessment hubs, manage consumers, and distribute health risk assessments, intake forms, evaluation forms, questionnaires, etc. Encounter can measure the American Heart Association Life’s Simple 7® scores for individuals and can be expanded to include additional risk assessments and functionality.
  • HealthQuest, also an easy to use iPad® app, allows consumers to register and fill out risk assessments, intake forms, evaluation forms, questionnaires, etc.

LifeWallet™ ,which is revolutionizing consumer engagement and reach with modern ‘Digital Assistants’ that enhance life, partnered with West Kendall Baptist Hospital, one of the area’s premier hospitals, to demonstrate HealthFluence at the 2016 eMerge Americas technology conference. The live ‘healthy hub’ at the international show provided attendees with their ‘Life’s Simple 7®’ score — an instant ‘snapshot’ of their heart health — in a matter of minutes.

LifeWallet™ is creating a one of a kind technology region in South Florida that is akin to Silicon Valley that has brought in developers from leading technology companies including Apple.

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LifeWallet introduces HealthFluence - changing the face of healthcare

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