CompuCom® and Getronics Announce the Global Workspace Alliance 2.0

DALLAS--()--On April 12, company executives from CompuCom Systems, Inc., a leading technology infrastructure services company, and Getronics Global Services BV, the global ICT services group, unveiled the new Global Workspace Alliance (GWA) 2.0 – a consortium of 11 global companies aligned under the GWA umbrella. The GWA provides a comprehensive suite of IT services for clients who are or want to go global, giving their end users leading-edge, global workspace solutions. Last July, CompuCom and Getronics announced a long-term partnership to lead the GWA.

The GWA North American launch event, hosted at CompuCom’s Dallas corporate facilities, placed particular emphasis on showcasing the real-life support scenarios and technology innovations that are already delivering significant value to clients the world over.

The exclusive event brought together key industry analysts including Gartner, Forrester®, IDC® and Everest. In addition, third-party sourcing advisors Alsbridge, ISG-One and Pace Harmon were represented, as well as industry executives from Intel Corporation, and KPMG®, to be a part of the GWA event.

Executives from CompuCom and Getronics addressed the audience, together with client viewpoints from long-term CompuCom and GWA client Air Products Corporation. The theme of the event was Next-Generation Pro-Active Services, and continues the momentum created when the European launch was held in Paris on Sept. 9, 2015.

“Given the fast pace of the IT market, successful companies are those who build the right strategic partnerships to accelerate growth and client value,” said Greg Hoogerland, Chief Strategy Officer of CompuCom. “Our announcement of the GWA Alliance brings together two industry leaders, with complementary cultures and track records of solid performance and innovation. We offer these capabilities to our alliance partners across the globe to further enhance their ability to deliver value to our clients, as well as to drive growth and innovation within the markets we serve.”

About the Global Workspace Alliance:

Led by CompuCom and Getronics, the Global Workspace Alliance (GWA) is a consortium of leading IT providers strategically located in over 100 countries around the world, working together to provide support and workspace solutions to global companies.

Featuring proactive support, tailored, user-focused solutions, and seamless global on-site support, the GWA portfolio contributes to the productivity and satisfaction of our clients’ employees by enabling our partners to deliver the best possible service, both internally to the business and externally to their customers.

About Getronics:

The Getronics Global Services BV is part family is an ICT Services group consisting of the Getronics and Connectis brands and is owned by the AURELIUS Group, a holding company headquartered in Munich, Germany. With an extensive history that extends over 125 years, the Getronics family has approximately 6,000 employees in 18 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific & Latin America, and has a complete portfolio of integrated ICT services for the large enterprise and public sector markets. This includes Workspace, Applications, Communication, Data Centre, Cloud, Consulting, Product and Managed Services. For more information, visit

About CompuCom

CompuCom Systems, Inc., a global company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, provides IT managed services, infrastructure solutions, consulting and products to Fortune 1000 companies committed to enhancing their end users’ experience. Founded in 1987, privately held CompuCom employs approximately 11,500 associates. For more information, visit

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Release Summary

On April 12, company executives from CompuCom and Getronics unveiled the Global Workspace Alliance 2.0, which gives end users a comprehensive suite of leading-edge, global IT workspace solutions.


Roberts Buchanan, Inc.
Anita Buchanan, 978-821-9877