BravoSolution Goes Social with BravoAdvantage

Social procurement drives enhanced collaboration and performance

CHICAGO--()--BravoSolution, the leading global strategic procurement provider, is paving the way to social procurement with its integrated, end-to-end procurement platform, BravoAdvantage. The solution suite brings social collaboration to the strategic procurement process by creating a single channel for engagement and information-sharing between buyers and suppliers.

By lowering adoption and communication barriers, fostering collaboration, driving enhanced supplier engagement and developing positive, mutually beneficial relationships, social procurement enables buying teams to advance both operational and strategic procurement performance.

“Social procurement is about building networks and engagement that foster positive business outcomes and stronger relationships,” said Jim Wetekamp, CEO of BravoSolution. “The key is providing users with a collaborative, data-centric environment that makes it easy for stakeholders to communicate, share relevant information and tackle opportunities together.”

Key social features within BravoAdvantage include:

  • Collaborative forums that facilitate real-time conversations between buyers and suppliers, ensuring critical communication is not lost outside of the solution
  • Fully customizable and intuitive dashboards and a range of self-service capabilities that create a procurement experience users want to engage with and return to every day
  • Easier access to supplier and project information that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of virtual teams
  • User feedback and reviews on product and supplier performance

“The user experience plays a critical role in social procurement,” said Wetekamp. “Today’s workforce craves enterprise tools that operate like consumer applications -- seamless, intuitive and easy-to-use. To boost adoption and engagement, enterprise applications need to link personal efficiency with corporate effectiveness.”

Procurement without Borders

BravoAdvantage fosters the type of transparency and collaboration that is at the core of social procurement. Business units can track how a supplier performs both within a department and across the entire organization. By allowing suppliers to upload their own data, teams can obtain a wealth of information around core suppliers’ capabilities, interests and performance, which can then be used to suggest process improvements and drive innovation within key categories.

For geographically dispersed users, BravoAdvantage keeps all the data in one place and brings stakeholders under the same roof. The platform facilitates real-time interaction within a sourcing activity, such as a live event or contract negotiation, removing the need for external communication outside of the actual event.

The future of procurement is social. To learn more about BravoAdvantage and why more than 100,000 procurement professionals and over 1 million suppliers globally rely on BravoSolution every day, visit

About BravoSolution

BravoSolution is a leading global strategic procurement solution provider. Our procurement technology platform and practitioner experience help more than 600 companies and over 100,000 procurement professionals in over 70 countries unlock the power of procurement to drive financial performance, develop procurement organizational excellence, manage risk, and influence innovation.

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Corporate Ink for BravoSolution
Abigail Holmes, 617-969-9192


Corporate Ink for BravoSolution
Abigail Holmes, 617-969-9192