Introducing Sympli: A New Design Handoff Tool for Fast, Seamless Collaboration Between Web and Mobile Designers and Developers

WASHINGTON--()--It’s time to focus on making awesome apps, not the routine back-and-forth between design and engineering teams. Introducing Sympli, a new tool that enables quick, easy collaboration between mobile and web designers and developers. With Sympli, design handoff is done in one click and design implementation has never been faster.

Sympli integrates directly into a user’s design or development tool of choice (Photoshop, Sketch, Xcode and Android Studio) and automatically builds visual specifications, generates assets and sends it to the development team. Ideated and built by a team of developers from EastBanc Technologies (its business incubator), Sympli’s team and operations focuses heavily on product development and improvement to ensure it’s the best and most robust design handoff tool on the market. With Sympli, design teams can spend less time on routine operations, like preparing graphic assets for handoff, and more time creating awesome apps and web designs.

“The application development process typically hits a snag when the time comes to handoff designs from designers to developers. Often, a lack of vital design information developers need to complete a project causes a back-and-forth between design and development teams,” said Max Ignatyev, creator of Sympli. “While not intentional, the lack of communication between the two parties can be frustrating, often extending a project’s hours and cost. With Sympli, we’ve streamlined the process to ensure both parties receive exactly what is needed at the right time.”

Here’s how Sympli helps both designers and developers:

  • Asset generation: Sympli automatically generates and properly scales assets for Android, iOS, and web projects, in both vector and bitmap formats. This works for both Sketch and Photoshop mockups.
  • Asset naming: It handles asset names duplicates, exports hidden assets for you and even helps designers to stay within assets naming requirements for Android projects. (Yay! No broken builds for Android folks!) Coming soon: 9-patch assets support for Sketch and Photoshop, guided export of VectorDrawable assets for Android.
  • Brand management: Design teams can build Brandbooks that can be reused across multiple projects. Brand color names, text styles (coming very soon) and custom font files are all easily shared.
  • Easy sharing and team collaboration: Sharing a project is as easy as sending a link to your team. Sympli also keeps track of design mockup versions and automatically notifies the team of important updates (also integrates with Slack). Comments can be added to designs, and developers can visually compare changes, and even switch to previous versions of the mockups if needed. Coming soon: a new “design changes browser” feature that will eliminate the need for change descriptions from designers.
  • Developer perks: Up-to-date specs and assets in bitmap and vector format, visual assets synchronization, extended autocomplete for Android Studio, and visual design implementation in Xcode. Smart asset synchronization allows developers to create asset renaming rules to be applied every time a mockup is updated, instead of setting up asset naming conventions with design teams.

And if all of that wasn’t great enough, the pricing model is easy also. One active project a month is free forever, with additional paid subscription plans available based on the amount of active projects per month. Additionally, only one paid account is needed for an entire team.

About Sympli

Sympli ( is a recently launched tech company in Washington, D.C. that simplifies the design handoff between web and mobile designers and developers. Incubated at EastBanc Technologies, Sympli’s collaboration platform offers UI designers and developers the ability to work in sync – eliminating the distracting frustration of back-and-forth communication on updates, specs, and more. Sympli is the second spinoff company incubated at EastBanc Technologies. Their first spinoff company, APIphany, was purchased by Microsoft in 2013 and the technology was the basis for Microsoft’s Azure API Management.

About EastBanc Technologies

EastBanc Technologies, a platform agnostic, full lifecycle software development company has been working at the frontier of technology since 1999. Today, the firm develops and delivers flexible technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems—whether on premise or cloud. EastBanc Technologies partners with public and private sector clients to solve their most difficult technology challenges. To learn more, visit


SpeakerBox Communications for Sympli
Jennifer Edgerly, 703-287-7809


SpeakerBox Communications for Sympli
Jennifer Edgerly, 703-287-7809