Adform Radically Simplifies Header Bidding to Fuel Global Publisher Growth

Adform’s modular approach removes the inefficiencies of waterfalling, entirely eliminates price tiers and eases setup for publishers

LONDON & NEW YORK--()--Adform, the independent and open ad tech platform, has announced the launch of Adform Header Bidding, which is designed to give publishers greater control over demand and afford advertisers better access to a publisher’s entire inventory.

Adform Header Bidding features a number of industry firsts designed to give publishers more control over revenue optimization and to improve industry transparency. Built on an open and unbiased framework, it scraps price tiers entirely in favor of a real price system while putting all SSP, Exchange and Open RTB demand on an equal footing and leaving issues of preference or priority in the hands of the publisher.

As new technology continues to flood the ad tech scene and with the growth in uptake of channels such as mobile and video, the traditional ad server ‘waterfall’ as we know it is breaking down. The playing field that was once designed to deliver impressions in line with perceived value is now leveling out, leaving publishers in search of new, better ways to drive increased yield and optimize revenue.

When used with its Programmatic Publisher Ad Server, Adform replaces the need for convoluted pricing tiers with a powerful real price based system. This delivers key efficiencies for publishers, saving them time while also ensuring that the fastest and best demand partner wins, with no exceptions, special rules, or obstacles to get in the way.

Adform Header Bidding is also the first solution on the market to make Perfect Priority available to publishers. Perfect Priority puts the best Open RTB price drawn from Header Bidding in direct competition with the best Guaranteed price, taking into account delivery requirements and deadlines to ensure publishers get the absolute best price for their inventory.

This solution is built upon a completely unbiased open platform, which integrates with all leading ad servers and supply side platforms. Built around a modular approach, it can be used with as much or as little of the Adform tech stack as a publisher desires. Header Bidding also offers one simplified container tag for setup and installation, making initial setup and ongoing updates fast, easy and painless for publishers. Once installed, future updates occur within the Adform platform, meaning no additional changes are required to the publisher’s code.

“Both publishers and advertisers have long been hoping for an unbiased and transparent solution to the challenges presented by the waterfall process, which is inefficient, costing impressions and resulting in missed demand,” commented Julian Baring, General Manager North America of Adform.

“With the launch of Header Bidding, we are providing publishers with a simple, easy-to-implement solution that gives them complete access to the sum of the market’s demand for their inventory. They are able to gain exciting new controls and strip away limitations that have previously forced them to silo demand sources.”

“With Adform’s Header Bidding solution installed we’ve seen immediate results,” said Ricco Zuschlag, Director, Boliga. “We’re excited by the new demand we’re seeing and how it is translating into immediate revenue. Setup was straightforward and Adform’s attentive technical staff made the process quick and efficient. What’s more, having one simplified container tag is a fantastic feature and we’re very happy with Adform’s open and unbiased approach when integrating with external partners.”

About Adform

Adform is the independent and open full stack ad-tech platform that encompasses creativity, data and trading, servicing media agencies, trading desks, brands and publishers globally.

All of our solutions are modular, and easily interoperate with all major technologies used throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.

Adform was founded in Denmark in 2002 and is among the world’s largest private and independent advertising technology companies. We have over 700 employees globally, with offices in 17 countries throughout Europe, North America and APAC.

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Dana Casalino, 646.760.2038