New Globoforce Survey Shows Recognition Creates More Human-Focused Workplaces

Report also reveals positive correlation between fostering a human workplace and employee well-being, engagement and intent to stay with a company

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass. & DUBLIN--()--Companies that focus on creating a human-focused workplace will reap significant rewards in terms of employee well-being, engagement, and retention, according to a survey* released today by Globoforce’s new WorkHuman® Research Institute. Globoforce is a leading provider of social recognition solutions.

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The WorkHuman Research Institute at Globoforce is dedicated to the understanding and application of global workplace practices that create more engaged, productive, and ultimately more human work cultures. In collaboration with leaders in the human resource industry and global research experts, The WorkHuman Research Institute publishes original research on current trends that affect and influence the employee experience, culture management, and leadership.

The Institute’s 2016 survey examines key practices that are most effective in creating a human workplace, and how those practices resonate with U.S. employees. The report also explores what employees value about their work culture, and what is further needed to engage employees and produce a sense of well-being and optimism that can propel company culture forward. The survey results show that when organizations create a culture of recognition, metrics that indicate an employee’s intent to stay with a company, such as happiness and trust, dramatically improve.

Key insights and findings from the report include:

When employees believe leaders are actively trying to create a more human workplace, culture metrics improve.

U.S. employees who feel they work for a human-focused company are more likely to experience a sense of belonging to the company, feel a passion for shared company values and believe their company is a best place to work.

Findings include:

  • When employees believe their leaders are creating a human workplace, they’re almost three times more likely to feel their company cares about them as a person (89 percent compared to 31 percent).
  • Recognition has a strong influence on employees’ perceptions of leaders. Employees that were recognized within the last month are more than twice as likely to believe leaders cared about a human workplace (84 percent) than those who had never been recognized (40 percent).

Recognition significantly improves engagement, commitment, pride, and overall happiness.

When U.S. workers are recognized, they are more likely to feel appreciated, be happy at work and at home, and become more satisfied in their jobs; yet 40 percent of employees have not been recognized in the past year.

Findings include:

  • Receiving recognition at work makes people feel more appreciated (92 percent); prouder of their work (86 percent); more satisfied with their job (85 percent); happier at work (86 percent); more engaged (83 percent); and more committed to the company (81 percent).
  • U.S. workers who have been recognized in the last month feel more than twice as engaged at work than those employees who had never been recognized (66 percent compared to 30 percent).
  • Engagement has a direct impact on happiness – 97 percent of highly engaged workers say they are happy at work, compared to only 65 percent of disengaged workers.

Employees trust colleagues most, but trust in leaders has the greatest impact on culture.

U.S. workers with high levels of trust in colleagues, senior leaders and bosses are more likely to love their jobs, feel highly engaged, and believe they have a strong future with their organization.

Findings include:

  • 80 percent of workers trust their colleagues but only 65 percent had trust in senior leaders.
  • When workers trust colleagues, senior leaders and bosses, they are 25 to 30 percent more likely to say they love their job, with trust for senior leaders having the biggest impact. 82 percent who trust senior leaders say they love their jobs, compared to only 43 percent who distrust senior leaders.

“Our most recent survey shows the business value of human-focused practices in creating a workplace culture that makes employees feel happier and more committed to staying with a company,” said Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce. “Social recognition tap into the discretionary energy of the workplace, empowering people to deliver the best work of their lives, and enabling companies to operate at their full potential. “

Survey Methodology

* This survey was directed by the WorkHuman Research Institute at Globoforce from Nov. 4-7, 2015 by independent market research firm MarketTools, through an online panel of fully employed persons in the United States (aged 18 or older). There were 828 responses generated for the survey, resulting in a margin of error of +/- 3.9 percentage points at a 95 percent level of confidence.

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Globoforce is a leading provider of social recognition solutions, helping companies build strong cultures of engaged employees through the power of thanks. Named one of the Best Workplaces by the Great Place To Work® Institute, Globoforce is trusted by some of most admired companies in the world to inspire and energize employees and create best places to work. Our award-winning SaaS technology and proven methodologies empower HR and business leaders to take a modern, more strategic approach to recognition programs. What results is measurable business success, qualified by increases in employee engagement, retention and productivity. The company is the creator of the HR conference WorkHuman, taking place May 9-11, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. The conference is designed to help organizations unlock the power of the human workplace. Globoforce is co-headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts, and Dublin, Ireland.

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New Globoforce Survey Shows Recognition Creates More Human-Focused Workplaces


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