FRN Variable Rate Fix


30 November 2015

Issue: Wessex Water Services Finance Plc

RBS Wessex


Pursuant to our appointment as Agent for the above stated issue, please be advised of the following interest rate determination:

Date From: 30 November 2015

Date To: 31 May 2016

Record Date: 25 May 2016

Value Date: 31 May 2016

Benchmark Rate: %

Margin: %

Total Rate: 1.8729%

Number of Days: 183

Day Count: Actual / Actual (ICMA)

Interest Frequency: Semi-Annually

Denomination: GBP 50,000.00

Amount per Denomination:

GBP 468.23

Total Amount Due:

GBP 468,230.00

Interest Per 1K: GBP 9.3646

Pool Factor: 1

Short Name: Wessex Water Ser Plc
Category Code: RC
Sequence Number: 515946
Time of Receipt (offset from UTC): 20160315T180847+0000


Wessex Water Ser Plc


Wessex Water Ser Plc