Appspace Releases Chrome App and Joins Google for Work Partner Program

DALLAS--()--Appspace Inc. today announced the availability of the Appspace App for Chrome, enabling Google Chrome devices and a wide range of Chrome-compatible systems to be used with the Appspace digital signage and video platform. Appspace also announced that it has become a Google for Work Partner and has certified a number of Chrome devices for use with the Appspace platform.

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce the release of the Appspace App for Chrome,” said Brandon Miles, Chief Executive Officer for Appspace. “We’ve worked closely with the Google resellers and Chrome device manufacturers since last fall. Not only do Chrome devices bring a great new dimension to our platform, we’ve found countless synergies with the whole Google ecosystem. And a huge amount of interest from existing and new customers alike.”

The Appspace platform provides a robust toolset for managing content—including digital signage and video—and putting it on televisions, mobile devices, and notebook and desktop computers. Appspace is used by customers around the world including seven of the top ten Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of use cases including workforce communications, guest communications, and retail signage.

With the Appspace App for Chrome, customers can now display their Appspace digital signs or videos on televisions or displays connected to Chromeboxes. The app supports the full Appspace platform, and is available at no charge through the Chrome Web Store; turning a certified Chromebox into a full-fledged Appspace content viewer is as easy as downloading the app and signing into it with existing Appspace user account credentials.

Appspace App for Chrome is just the first operating system-specific build of Appspace’s next generation content viewer software, part of the company’s software transformation strategy. Rather than developing software unique to individual hardware devices, Appspace has developed a new, standards-based app that can be packaged with the necessary drivers to work with devices on a specific operating system, delivering the same features and functionality on multiple platforms.

“Content creators and consumers live on multiple devices, and need a true multi-modal platform. So that’s what we’ve built,” said Stan Stephens, Chief Science Officer for Appspace. “We’re all in on providing a consistent, complete solution that spans signage, corporate TV, mobile devices, and future devices. We’re equally committed to improving and updating our software more often than is possible when maintaining bespoke software packages.”

The Appspace App supports Appspace Signs 5.9 and later and the newly released Appspace Play 2.1. It features an advanced HTML5 engine for:

  • smooth video and transitions
  • sharp text and graphics rendering
  • precise element positioning
  • seamless back-to-back video playback
  • consistent playback across devices

Chrome devices provide a mix of performance, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility for digital signage and video applications that has not been available with traditional digital media players. Moreover, they can be centrally deployed and managed using Chrome Device Management, providing communicators and the technical team that supports them more control and a clearer line of sight all the way to an individual device.

“Google devices are making digital signage and video an option for organizations that couldn’t consider it before, and even more compelling for the organizations that could,” said Mr. Stephens. “An organization can deploy and manage a countless number of these devices at a fraction of the cost of traditional digital media players, and have a single console for managing all of them. This really is unprecedented.”

Appspace App for Chrome is compatible with Google Chrome OS 46 and later. Appspace has further certified the following specific Chrome devices, verifying that these devices support all features of the Appspace App for Chrome with the level of performance that Appspace customers require:

  • AOPEN DE3255 Chromebox Commercial
  • Dell Chromebox with Intel® Core™ i3 Processor
  • Dell Chromebox with 4th Generation Intel® Celeron® Processor

Visit to learn more, or contact Appspace sales to discuss the difference Appspace + Chrome can make for your organization.

About Appspace

Founded in 2002, Appspace provides a powerful content management and delivery platform for distributing digital signage, video, messaging, and data to TVs, mobile devices, and personal computing systems. Ideal for workforce communications as well as retail, education, and public environments, Appspace enables communicators to manage global or customized messaging from a single tool, and keep messages consistent, up-to-date, and compelling. Our expert sales, services, and support team covers more than 13 countries around the world, serving 600 customers including industry leaders in verticals ranging from retail, banking, energy, entertainment, and manufacturing to healthcare, education, and government.


Appspace Inc.
Nathan Huey, 214-233-7114 ext. 159
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Appspace Inc.
Nathan Huey, 214-233-7114 ext. 159
Sr. Director, Marketing