Picmonic Revolutionizes Learning for Medicine and Nursing Students

The Visual Learning Platform Improves Memory Recall and Test Scores

TEMPE, Ariz.--()--Picmonic, Inc., the leader in visual learning, is breaking new ground in the education space with the launch of a new product innovation called “Ditto” that helps medical and nursing students better understand the complex connections between biological systems, conditions, diseases and treatments.

Picmonic is The Visual Learning Community that uses pictorial mnemonics, or “Picmonics,” to help students better understand, retain and apply vast amounts of complex information. These multi-modal flash cards, which incorporate humor and unforgettable graphics to make learning fun, are proven to increase memorization capacity and improve long-term recall of information by 331%, according to an independent study by the Journal of Advances in Medical Education and Practice.

The new Ditto feature, which was released this week, helps students connect the dots between related topics and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand. Now, a student studying Penicillin as a treatment for a specific disease can browse through Picmonic’s extensive visual library to discover other uses for the drug.

“Most students learn medicine in a linear fashion, which can make it difficult to understand the extensive, complex relationships between topics. Ditto helps connect the dots in a way that a standard textbook simply can’t do. In a sense, we are helping students see the forest among the trees,” said Ron Robertson, Co-Founder and CEO of Picmonic.

Ditto was developed and tested with the support of Picmonic’s extensive user community, which includes over 125,000 medical and nursing students.

“Ditto is a great way to tie different subjects together. My brain learns faster when I can make connections between facts I already know instead of learning things separately,” said a Picmonic user in the new feature feedback survey.

Another medical student commented, “I am certain this will boost my USMLE score, and more importantly, make me a better physician.” Ditto is just one of many new product innovations recently released by Picmonic, which secured a $2.3 million funding round in October 2015 to accelerate their product development and growth.

“Picmonic is fundamentally transforming how the modern-day student is able to comprehend and recall knowledge,” said Robertson. “Our latest product innovations are creating an even more effective, personalized learning experience for users, which helps them excel both in the classroom and in their career.”

About Picmonic, Inc.

Picmonic® is the world’s leading Visual Learning Community for medicine and nursing students with over 125,000 users worldwide. By leveraging the power of visual learning, Picmonic helps students remember more, excel in school and pass their board exams.

Picmonic's system is designed to improve memory retention and boost exam scores by turning boring facts into unforgettable stories and images. A controlled study published in 2014 in the Journal of Advances in Medical Education and Practice demonstrated that Picmonic users achieved over 330% improvement in long term memory retention over the non-users.

Established in 2011 by medicine students Ron Robertson and Adeel Yang, Picmonic Inc. is headquartered in Tempe, AZ and is funded by 2M Companies with participation by Tallwave Capital, Arizona Tech Investors Desert Angels and Blackboard co-founder Matt Pittinsky. More information at www.picmonic.com.


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Picmonic revolutionizes learning for medicine and nursing students and launches a new product innovation called “Ditto” that helps medical and nursing students better understand the complex subjects


Carlton Hawkins, 602-345-1522