Korean Companies at RSA Conference May Hold Answers to Prevent and Detect Recent Cyber Security Threats

Interest in Cyber Security reached new levels when a Southern California hospital paid a ransom to stay open, Obama announced $19 Billion to upgrade Federal computer systems and there is an intense battle between Apple and FBI over encryption

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Unprecedented events regarding cyber security reached a new level during the last two weeks, when a Southern California hospital paid a $17K ransom to cyber criminals after they shut down a hospital’s IT infrastructure (Source: Los Angeles Times). President Obama announced $19 billion to upgrade Federal computer systems (Source: Forbes) and there is an intense battle between Apple, the most valuable company in the world, and the FBI about encryption (privacy versus security) (Source: NBC News).

These events call for new approaches to monitoring, detecting and preventing security threats. Eleven of Korea’s top information security companies will be showcased at the Korea Pavilion (Booth S1541) at the 2016 RSA Conference February 29-March 4 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Korea is being hailed as No. 1 in world innovation according to The 2015 Bloomberg World Innovation Index (Source Bloomberg World Innovation Index January 2016) that measures the top 50 countries. Another recent study by the European Union shows Korea outperforming the US in world innovation. Korea’s unique location in the world, counting China, North Korea and Russia as its closest neighbors offers unparalled insights, perspective and experience with regard to protection from cyber threats.

Eleven of Korea’s top information security companies will be exhibiting their security solutions at the RSA Conference at Moscone Center in SF. They are attracting innovative solutions in security and anti-cyberattack related technologies, which are critical for safer online environment of the United States. Korea has been long time allied relationship with the US and these companies are willing to provide better secured online and network environment for us. It is good to have more attention to them with higher trustworthy and credibility.

With so much innovation and technology emerging from Korea, the RSA Conference Korea Pavilion provides a unique platform upon which to view and discuss the latest and greatest information security technology and to facilitate business partnerships with US companies.

The eleven exhibiting Korean companies include: Ahope Co., Ltd., Amgine Securus, AirCUVE, IGLOO Security, INCA Internet, NPCore, Penta Security, Safer Zone, WINS, Hancom Secure and Geni Networks will be available for demonstrations of their security tools and for media interviews.

These companies are well established in Korea and are already working with many of the country’s leading companies, such as LG, Samsung and Hyundai. Some of the firms are already working with US and European companies. The goal for these companies at the conference is to secure new business in the US. Many of the Korean companies have US offices and have special liaisons to work with US business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of companies presenting their showcases in Korea Pavilion at RSA 2016 Conference.

  • Ahope Co., Ltd: Integrated mobile security solution and security services provider.
  • AirCUVE: Total security solution provider for smart phone mobile security and network access control.
  • Amgine Securus: Well-established security analysis system provider for major public and government agencies.
  • Geni Networks: Comprehensive network security solution provider.
  • Hancom Secure: The No. 1 company in Korea for security solutions and provides secure coding, mobile security, DB encryption, PKI, SSO, email security and key management solutions to more than 900 enterprises since 1999.
  • IGLOO Security: A leader and a pioneer in SIEM (Security Information & Event Management), PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) and MSS (Managed Security Services).
  • INCA Internet: Endpoint security solution provider that offers online fraud prevention and compliance management to financial institutions.
  • NPCore: Information security solution and service provider for governments, universities, financial firms and enterprises.
  • Penta Security: A specialist group in encryption and web security dominating WAF business with largest share of the Asia-Pacific worldwide market.
  • Safer Zone: Global top-level endpoint security company with Cross Platform Technology.
  • WINS: No. 1 in Korean market share with Intrusion Prevention systems, DDoS Response System, and Firewall technologies.

“The RSA Conference is an ideal platform to introduce the US market to advanced information security innovation companies from Korea. At the same time, our overarching goal is to build stronger partnerships and key alliances between companies in the US and Korea,” said Changyup Na, General Director, KOTRA Silicon Valley.

Event Dates and Location:
RSA Conference – Where the world talks security
Monday February 29-March 4th
Moscone Center North and South Halls
747 Howard Street
Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Event website: http://www.rsaconference.com
Korean Pavilion: South Hall #1541

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