Gasification and Syngas Technologies Council Calls for Presentations for Prestigious Conference

WASHINGTON--()--The Gasification and Syngas Technologies Council, the world’s premier trade association and foremost authority on the syngas and gasification industries, today issued a call for presentations for its highly regarded and influential annual conference.

The 2016 Gasification and Syngas Technologies Conference is the largest and most prestigious event for these industries -- attracting business leaders, experts, exhibitors and media from the Americas, Asia and Europe. This year’s conference will be held Oct. 16-19 in Vancouver, Canada.

The presentations draw significant attention during the annual conference. Abstracts are due by April 30 and can be submitted at:

The Gasification and Syngas Technologies Council, formerly known as the Gasification Technologies Council, recently expanded to encompass the syngas production, processing and conversion industries.

To mark the expansion, GSTC announced a special offer on both of its membership levels for new members: Those joining this year will get next year’s membership at the same level for free.

“We’re looking forward to meeting a lot of new members in the syngas industries at our conference,” said Alison Kerester, GSTC’s Executive Director. “This will be the year’s best opportunity to meet and network with business leaders, technical experts, customers and key decision-makers in the syngas and gasification industries.”

GSTC is expecting a significant increase in attendance for its expanded conference this year.

The presentations will be one of the conference’s highlights. GSTC is especially interested in presentations on:

  • Gasification technologies
  • Reforming technologies
  • Syngas to chemicals (methanol, acetyls, etc.)
  • Syngas to liquid fuels
  • Syngas to hydrogen, ammonia/urea and derivatives
  • Syngas to olefins
  • Sulfur removal and recovery
  • Global project updates
  • Waste-to-energy projects
  • SNG
  • Downstream user experience
  • Carbon capture and/or utilization from syngas
  • Global syngas markets and market drivers
  • Technology and equipment advances in the syngas industry

“The annual conference focuses on the most significant developments and trends in the industries,” Kerester said. “That’s why executives, experts and regulators always find it well worth their time to attend.”

Questions can be submitted to Alison Kerester, Executive Director of the Gasification and Syngas Technologies Council, by emailing her at or by calling her at +1-703-276-0110.

To learn more about the conference, or to join the newly expanded GSTC, visit

About the Gasification and Syngas Technologies Council

The Gasification and Syngas Technologies Council (GSTC) promotes the role that gasification and syngas technologies play in helping improve the energy, power, chemical, refining, fuel and waste management industries. GSTC encourages the use of economically competitive and environmentally conscious technologies to produce electricity, fuels, chemicals, fertilizers, substitute natural gas, and hydrogen from a variety of feedstocks, including coal, petroleum coke, natural gas, refinery liquids, biomass and waste. GSTC also facilitates relationships among technology, equipment and service providers, as well as plant owners and operators.

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Alison Kerester, +1-703-276-0110

Release Summary

The 2016 Gasification and Syngas Technologies Conference, the largest event for these industries, will be held Oct. 16-19 in Vancouver, Canada. Visit to learn more.


Alison Kerester, +1-703-276-0110