The Terence J. O’Sullivan Laborers’ Training Center Graduates 272 Journeymen

Laborer Apprentices Earn Journeyperson Status

SAN RAMON, Calif.--()--The Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program of the Laborers’ Training and Retraining Trust Fund for Northern California (Terence J. O’Sullivan Training Center) continues its record of distinction. In 2015, 272 men and women earned their Construction Craft Laborer Journeyperson credentials after completing the same apprenticeship program that has graduated more than 1,600 safe and skilled construction craft laborers over the past eleven years.

“It takes hours of hard work in the classroom and hands-on training in a wide array of skills to attain journeyperson status,” said Oscar de la Torre, Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) Vice-President and Northern California District Council of Laborers (NCDCL) Business Manager. “These graduates will be valuable to the companies they work for and the California construction industry as a whole.”

To attain journeyperson status, each apprentice must complete 240 hours of classroom instruction and log at least 4,000 hours of on-the-job training. Incoming candidates must attend orientation, pass a drug test, participate in a hands-on skills assessment, and an interview to ensure they are able to meet the physical demands of the industry.

“Apprentices receive equipment endorsements, Cal/OSHA certifications, and gain valuable experience in virtually every segment of the construction industry,” said Jeff Armstrong, Director of Apprenticeship. “These graduates have displayed their commitment and exceptional ability to complete this rigorous and challenging program. In fact, about 35% of apprentices that start the program fail to finish.”

Contractors also commended the Laborers’ Training Center and its apprenticeship program. “The graduates of the Laborers’ Apprenticeship Program are a valuable asset to our company,” said Kate Linscott of Linscott Engineering Contractors. “The initial training emphasizes basic construction principals, hands-on experience, and safety. The continuing education platform provides opportunities for both apprentices and journeymen to improve their skills as well as their careers. Safety classes, certificate courses and the focus on work ethic make these laborers an integral part of our team and enhance the day to day operations of our company. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Laborer’s Apprenticeship Program.”

The Laborers’ Training and Retraining Trust Fund for Northern California is a partnership between the Laborers’ Union and its signatory contractors. The Laborers’ Training Center provides more than 125,000 hours of training every year and also offers:

-Mobile training that brings training to any work site or location

-More than 75 courses that meet or exceed industry standards

-Four California-Apprenticeship-Council-approved apprenticeship programs

-Construction Craft Laborer

-Brick Tender

-Plastic Tender

-Parking & Highway Improvement

-Instructors credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

“I’m proud of these graduates,” said Rocco Davis, LIUNA Vice President and Pacific Southwest Regional Manager. “Their sacrifices and dedication to being a laborer enabled them to achieve journeyperson status. They have a bright future because they are the workforce that the industry needs. With the skills they received during their apprenticeship, their career possibilities are endless.”


Chad Wright, 855-532-3879

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The Northern California Laborers' Apprenticeship Program graduates 272 journeymen in 2015


Chad Wright, 855-532-3879