Mailjet's MJML Launches: Open Source Markup Language Cuts Coding Complexity from Emails

Mailjet's MJML Launches: Open Source Markup Language Cuts Coding Complexity from Emails (Graphic: Business Wire)

PARIS--()--A new open source language, MJML, is entering the email industry to simplify the development of responsive emails. MJML will enable developers and email integrators to easily produce perfectly rendered email messages on the most popular email clients for free.

For many developers, building attractive and responsive emails has become a complicated and often time-consuming coding process. Despite the frustration it causes, email still has a bright future, as the preferred marketing channel for users and the one that offers the best return on investment.

A shorthand for email development

Tackling the issue head on, Mailjet is launching a free, open source markup language that aggregates code to alleviate much of the strain that comes from writing responsive HTML code for the most popular email clients, from Outlook to Gmail.

Faced with a more complex development than the traditional HTML code used on the web, developers and email integrators must handle the various constraints of rendering for different webmail providers and email clients. They also need to ensure that messages can be read optimally on any user device.

MJML meets this need of simplification by introducing a tool which makes creation easier and more accessible. Based on a familiar syntax derived from HTML, MJML can be learned just like any other programming or markup language. From the website, developers can create emails in MJML easily and obtain the corresponding responsive HTML code which can be used with any email service provider.

  • The challenge of responsive emails
    Today, around 50% of people check their emails from a mobile device (source: Litmus, December 2015). Sending interactive and platform aligned emails that will render correctly whether they are opened on a mobile, tablet or desktop device is now a necessity for all companies.
  • A gallery of components available, easily extendable
    When the users create an email design on MJML, they can split their code into distinct components which they can reuse tin future emails with a similar structure. High-level components provided by MJML mean more advanced processes, including the integration of billing data, can be made in a single markup.
    Developers can also create their own components to ensure emails respect the visual style and guidelines of their company.
  • Save time and gain productivity
    All in all, thanks to MJML, developers can dramatically reduce the time spent in development compared to the design of a HTML responsive email:
  • The code produced using MJML is both shorter and semantic
  • It is less painful to write thanks to MJML’s abstraction layer, which simplifies the developing of a responsive design
  • Components - standard ones, published by the community or created by the user - can be reused from one email to another, which again, increases productivity in development

A compatible and scalable language

Developed open source under the MIT licence, MJML’s rendering engine benefits from being constantly updated to match the changes made by the main webmail providers and email clients. Subsequently, the HTML code that MJML produces directly incorporates the standards for the most popular email clients, further facilitating the work of the user in the maintenance phases.

MJML, a Mailjet innovative initiative

MJML was created by the Mailjet, a leading, European email services provider, to give the expertise they have accrued in the last five years of operation back to the community.

"We work closely with the developer community as a whole and, as such, we wanted to create a simple and accessible language, available to everyone, to help develop emails that show perfectly in their recipients’ inbox," explains Arnaud Breton, Head of Developer Relations at Mailjet. "Thanks to MJML, developers will be able to focus on the quality of the content while knowing the design will be optimised and accessible on all the available devices and most email clients. This is a major advance in the emailing industry that Mailjet wanted to share with the entire community."


About Mailjet

Mailjet offers an all-in-one platform for sending marketing and transactional emails, including a responsive email editor, an easily integrated API which is available in several programming languages and SMTP relay software. The solution offered by Mailjet caters to both large and small businesses, SMEs and startups, adapting to each company’s mailing volume and characteristics.

Mailjet is the leader in cloud emailing with offices worldwide and more than 32,000 customers between over 150 countries.

After raising $11m in series B funding in June 2015, Mailjet came second in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 France and 23rd in the EMEA ranking thanks to the exceptional growth it has experienced since its inception.


Hotwire PR for Mailjet
Cal Young
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Hotwire PR for Mailjet
Cal Young
+44(0)207 608 2500