CORRECTING and REPLACING Bastille Selected as Finalist for RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest 2016

Bastille Recognized for Providing Unprecedented Visibility to Network Threats from Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) Devices Bastille

ATLANTA--()--Fourth paragraph, second sentence of release dated Jan. 28, 2016, 'electromagnetic' should be 'RF'. Fifth paragraph, first sentence, 'billions' should be 'millions'.

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Bastille Recognized for Providing Unprecedented Visibility to Network Threats from Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Bastille today has been named one of 10 finalists for RSA® Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest 2016 for its work to secure the Enterprise through detection and mitigation of threats from wireless Internet of Things (IoT) devices. On Monday, February 29, 2016, Bastille will have the opportunity to showcase its innovative information security technology to the Innovation Sandbox Contest panel of judges for a chance to be named “RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2016.”

Innovation Sandbox Contest promotes new approaches to information security technology, provides advice and counsel for entrepreneurs, and exposes the RSA Conference community to venture capitalists, industry experts, senior level business practitioners, and thought leaders.

“It’s no secret that past winners of this honor have become successful additions to the information security industry and there’s no doubt this year’s crop of finalists will produce another hit,” said Sandra Toms, vice president and curator for RSA Conferences. “This event gives startups the kind of visibility and validation that can easily turn into high growth and increased funding, which we expect to continue with this year’s top 10.”

Bastille is the first company to detect and mitigate the rapidly emerging threats to the enterprise that are the unintended consequence of the proliferation wireless devices for the IoT. Using a combination of next-generation sensors and software, Bastille enables the enterprise to detect, localize, and assess security risks by scanning the entire RF spectrum, gaining visibility into devices that operate on more than 100 distinct protocols.

"Every day, millions of vulnerable IoT devices connect to the Internet within the enterprise, putting organizations at risk of being attacked. Outside of WiFi, the RF spectrum has been vastly overlooked in terms of security, but with 100 different wireless protocols that can be used to access a network, that’s a risk enterprises can no longer afford to take,” said Chris Rouland, founder & CTO, Bastille. “Bastille scans the entire RF spectrum, providing unprecedented visibility into every emitting device within an enterprise. This allows security teams to have a complete view of what is in their environment in order to appropriately assess and mitigate threats before they can impact people or assets.”

“RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2016” will be determined at the conclusion of Innovation Sandbox Contest after each finalist gives a short presentation to a panel of judges that includes Asheem Chandna, partner at Greylock Partners; Gerhard Eschelbeck, vice president of security and privacy engineering at Google; Renee Guttman, chief information security officer for Royal Caribbean International; Patrick Heim, head of trust and security at DropBox; and Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist of cryptography research division at Rambus.

Additional information about “RSAC Most Innovative Startup 2016” and Innovation Sandbox Contest can be found at:

About Bastille

Launched in 2014, Bastille is pioneering security for wireless Internet of Things (IoT) devices with next-generation security sensors and airborne emission detection, allowing corporations to accurately quantify risk and mitigate 21st century threats. Through its proprietary technology, Bastille helps enterprise organizations protect cyber and human assets while providing unprecedented visibility of wireless and IoT devices that could pose a threat to network infrastructure. Currently in pilot testing, Bastille expects general availability in 2016. For more information, visit and follow @bastillenet on Twitter.

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