Rambus Cryptography Research CryptoMedia Platform to be Integrated into Kaleidescape Home Cinema Products

CryptoMedia Player Agent will support VIDITY™-enabled 4K Ultra HD with HDR movie players

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--()--Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS) today announced that its Cryptography Research division has signed an agreement with Kaleidescape, Inc., the leading provider of premium home movie players, servers, and downloaded content, to integrate its CryptoMedia platform into the Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player, the first 4K Ultra HD high-dynamic-range (HDR) movie player for the home. The CryptoMedia platform will enable secure download and playback of VIDITY™-enabled 4K Ultra HD and HDR movies.

“Kaleidescape’s products deliver an immersive home-cinema experience, with higher-quality video and audio playback than that of most commercial theaters,” said Cheena Srinivasan, Kaleidescape founder and chief executive officer. “Our products deliver, store, and play movies, including 4K Ultra HD movies with HDR, encoded at bit rates up to 100 Mbps and play back at up to 60 frames per second, for a truly theatrical experience in the home. The CryptoMedia platform will enable Kaleidescape to securely download and play back the highest picture quality VIDITY-enabled content.”

As a trusted partner and security advisor to the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA), Rambus Cryptography Research has been a key contributor in the development of VIDITY technology and requirements. The CryptoMedia security platform supports VIDITY requirements for 4K Ultra HD and HDR digital content by protecting premium programming while enabling consumers to easily store, copy and share premium digital content across multiple devices.

“Consumers continue to have a tremendous appetite to collect and own their favorite movies and content,” said David Huerta, general manager of the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA). “The promise of VIDITY and its growing ecosystem of securely-enabled solutions, like those being developed by Kaleidescape and Rambus, can provide consumers earlier access to the latest Hollywood blockbusters with the highest-quality viewing experience, coupled with unparalleled access and control to enjoy movies at any time without an Internet connection.”

Comprised of hardware- and software-based security and services, the CryptoMedia platform will include a secure Key Derivation Core, the Player Agent, and Key Issuance Center for VIDITY-compliant player and storage device manufacturers, as well as content providers in the VIDITY ecosystem.

“Kaleidescape delivers the highest-quality Hollywood content through its award-winning products and we are thrilled to have them as the first customer of our CryptoMedia security solution,” said Dr. Martin Scott, senior vice president and general manager of the Rambus Cryptography Research division. “With this solution, Kaleidescape users can securely access the most in-demand library of 4K Ultra HD and HDR content available.”

The CryptoMedia platform is available to all members of the SCSA that develop technologies for consumers to easily and securely purchase, transfer and view content across multiple electronic devices. The SCSA is a consortium of companies in the entertainment industry and digital storage space that was founded by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, SanDisk, and Western Digital.

To learn more about the CryptoMedia platform, visit rambus.com/cryptomedia.

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