Triumfant and ReversingLabs form Strategic Integration for Advanced Malware Detection and Analysis

Collaboration Provides Industry-Leading Detection, Analysis and Remediation to Prevent Malicious Attacks on the Endpoint

ROCKVILLE, Md. & CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--Triumfant, an enterprise endpoint security provider, today announced a strategic integration with ReversingLabs, a provider of game-changing detection and analysis of advanced cyber threats. As a result of the integration, Triumfant’s endpoint security solution, AtomicEye, will utilize critical data provided by ReversingLabs’ Malware Presence (MWP) knowledgebase and A1000 Malware Analysis Platform, further enhancing AtomicEye’s ability to detect, analyze, remediate and prevent malicious attacks.

“By partnering with the most advanced threat protection solutions on the market, Triumfant is able to stay at the forefront of innovation,” said John Prisco, President and CEO of Triumfant. “ReversingLabs’ comprehensive file reputation and analysis services are the perfect complement to our philosophy of closing the breach detection gap with rapid analysis and remediation. Cyber threats are becoming more and more sophisticated making the protection of corporate assets and critical data harder than ever. This integration allows us to keep our customers one step ahead of the bad guys.”

Triumfant’s AtomicEye has earned a solid reputation for protecting corporate assets and critical data by picking up where network-based prevention tools fall short – detecting breaches in real-time, generating a comprehensive and actionable analysis within minutes of the attack, and performing situational remediation that stops the breach. AtomicEye’s continuous monitoring can detect with certainty, in real-time, and at the point of infiltration, persistent or volatile malware. As soon as a change occurs, a remediation plan is set in motion, making it impossible for damage to be done and/or assets to be compromised.

The integration of ReversingLabs’ threat reputation feeds and malware analysis technology further enhances AtomicEye’s ability to stop attacks and interrupt the kill chain before an adversary can grab sensitive information or intellectual property. The ReversingLabs TitaniumCloudTM File Reputation Service provides the industry’s most comprehensive source for threat intelligence and reputation data on more than 2 billion goodware and malware files. This collaboration provides Triumfant customers with the most complete solution to quickly and effectively identify malicious attacks. Once a potentially malicious file is identified it is not only analyzed for abnormal behavior, it is automatically checked against the ReversingLabs reputation database, which provides real-time file threat intelligence for connected and air-gapped networks.

“ReversingLabs and Triumfant’s combined solution brings unprecedented detection and visibility across threats detected by enterprise endpoints and networks for rapid response and remediation,” stated Mario Vuksan, CEO of ReversingLabs. “Triumfant’s integration with ReversingLabs technologies deepens the immediate detection and analysis as well as providing advanced quarantine capabilities to analyze captured threats in collaborative fashion by looking at their code similarity, static behavioral threats, reputation history and different dynamic analyses.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Triumfant customers will also have access to ReversingLabs’ A1000 Malware Analysis Platform, offering deeper inspection, unpacking and advanced analysis of files identified as suspicious or malicious.

About ReversingLabs

ReversingLabs solutions provide enterprises and security vendors a foundation for protecting digital assets. These solutions enable security professionals to detect and analyze the latest and most advanced cyber threats on computers, mobile devices and embedded systems. The ReversingLabs Malware Protection (MWP) feed and A1000 Malware Analysis Platform each deliver game-changing solutions for detection, reputation assessment and analysis of advanced cyber threats in files. The platform classifies files by binary content as well as their complexity and sophistication enabling classification based on whether the files contain embedded executable content, obfuscated JavaScript or implement a known exploit. Visit

About Triumfant

Triumfant provides continuous protection from advanced malware threats on the endpoint, stopping cyber criminals in their tracks. Offering the most advanced detection capabilities and featuring enhanced memory and Mac features, Triumfant ensures that once inside a company’s or government agency’s systems, no attacker can leave with proprietary information, damage to enterprise systems is minimized, and critical assets are secured. Triumfant stops a breach before it becomes a full-scale attack then automatically repairs the machine(s) and any collateral damage within minutes – no human intervention or system downtime is required. When attacks occur, companies and government entities trust Triumfant to quickly recover and prevent loss. Visit


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Release Summary

Triumfant, an enterprise endpoint security provider, today announced a strategic integration with ReversingLabs, a provider of game-changing detection and analysis of advanced cyber threats.


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