Carloudy Automotive Head-up Display Launching at CES 2016; Device Redefines Driver Communications With Smartphone, Outside World and Car Through Smarter, Safer Head-up Display Device

CHICAGO--()--Cognitive AI Technologies Inc., a designer and maker of artificial intelligence technologies, is launching Carloudy, the world’s first ultra-portable, completely wireless, voice-controlled, automotive head-up display (HUD) system at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 6-9. Carloudy effortlessly connects drivers to both their cars and to their smartphones for directions, shopping, weather, speed, speed limit, maintenance alerts and much more – while minimizing distractions.

The lightweight (less than 9 oz) Carloudy device (approx.: 6.5” x 5” x 0.4”) rests on a driver’s dashboard.

Through simple voice commands, drivers engage with Carloudy through their smartphones and have key data crisply displayed on any car’s windshield. Carloudy’s patent-pending design utilizes the reflective nature of its 6” electronic paper display (EPD) to harvest energy from external light sources – providing a pristine, semi-transparent display on the windshield in all light conditions (direct sunlight to darkness) without quickly depleting a battery or overheating.

HUD systems have been used in military aircraft, and high-performance and luxury cars. But Carloudy makes a HUD system available for any vehicle for an introductory, preorder price of $179. Carloudy will launch its Kickstarter campaign on January 7, and expects to deliver to early supporters on Kickstarter by late March 2016.

According to the National Safety Council, one in four car accidents (or 1.6 million a year) are caused by cell phone use while driving.

“Carloudy fully integrates the driver with his or her car and the outside world by wirelessly connecting Carloudy to a smartphone and to the car’s computer with a Bluetooth OBDII adapter,” explained Javy Kong, Ph.D., co-founder of Cognitive AI Technologies Inc. “We designed Carloudy so drivers can safely interact with their smartphones and our system while driving. For example, we opted against gesture controls to eliminate distractions and accidental commands. As experts in cognitive science, we focused on the most useful information drivers need, using simple icons and images.”

For instance, Carloudy does not enable email, Twitter or texting, which Dr. Kong and his team believe are distractions that put drivers and pedestrians at risk. Carloudy is also voice, not gesture, controlled – never requiring users to remove their hands or fingers from their steering wheels.

Cognitive AI Technologies Inc. will demonstrate Carloudy at CES 2016 at LVCC, North Hall – Booth # 3415, next to Volkswagen’s booth, from Wednesday, January 6, through Saturday, January 9. Media can also arrange to “test drive” Carloudy in a car on the streets of Las Vegas.

Other Carloudy features include:

  • Use with both iOS (4S or later model iPhones) and Android smartphones.
  • Clearly visible display content on windshield under all lighting conditions (bright sunlight to darkness).
  • Turn-by-turn navigation using Google Maps.
  • Works with built-in steering wheel Bluetooth audio controls and after-market Bluetooth audio controllers.
  • Speed and speed limit; parking and traffic information; gas station and restaurant searches.
  • Completely silent, with no moving parts.
  • Battery lasting weeks on a single charge.
  • One-year warranty and online customer support.
  • (Demo video and complete specs and features available on Carloudy’s website.)

Carloudy’s functionality will continually increase with new, no-cost updates to the smartphone app. Carloudy will also launch its Kickstarter site on Thursday, January 7, 2016, offering limited quantity of the device at the early bird, special price of $179 (MSRP $259).

About Cognitive AI Technologies Inc.

Chicago-based Cognitive AI Technologies Inc. designs AI-related products based on cognitive theories. The company currently focuses on smart automobile products such as Carloudy, the world’s first ultraportable, wireless, smart head-up display system designed on theories of human visual cognition. Learn more about Carloudy at


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Carloudy automotive head-up display launching at CES 2016; device redefines driver communications with smartphone, outside world and car through smarter, safer head-up display device


SHERMAN communications & marketing
Jason Sherman, 312-577-7650