InterModal Data Introduces Breakthrough Disaggregated Data Storage Software Solution for the Enterprise

Solution delivers a 4-10x price performance advantage over traditional storage alternatives

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--InterModal Data today unveiled a breakthrough storage approach that delivers the level of scalability, flexibility and cost effectiveness to enterprises that hyperscale companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Google have achieved. The InterModal Data solution, which is generally available today, is distributed system software purpose-built to enable a disaggregated commodity hardware architecture. The disaggregated architecture design dramatically increases resource utilization, driving a 4-10x reduction in required hardware to meet a given performance requirement when compared with traditional solutions.

InterModal Data’s distributed storage software solution can scale to support millions of workloads and billions of files. The software allocates resources on a per-workload basis in order to meet specific performance requirements, while using the lowest cost resource. The disaggregated architecture physically separates the storage controllers from the shelf, creating data nodes and storage nodes that are logically connected over Ethernet. The software intelligently governs the use of RAM and flash caches on every node, optimizing the ability to service the active data set. When conditions or requirements change, the software quickly reallocates resources across the Ethernet fabric to dynamically meet workload requirements.

The need for more flexible and affordable enterprise storage that is granular at a workload level is well understood,” said Mark Peters, practice director and senior analyst at ESG. “But the semantics – of software defined storage and disaggregation – can sometimes obscure the true IT and business values. The kind of benefits that can be delivered by such newly-imagined approaches, which InterModal Data is now delivering, mean a more responsive, scalable, less expensive and better-tuned storage infrastructure. This is not only an attractive proposition but a business necessity.”

The disaggregated architecture enables enterprises to realize tremendous cost efficiencies and to scale at a very granular increment. This approach eliminates many of the bottlenecks that exist in traditional architectures, dramatically increasing the utilization of all components – CPU, RAM, SSD, HDD – in the solution. The result is, depending on the workloads supported, a 4-10x reduction in cost to deliver the same performance as traditional alternatives.

I have all flavors of customers that require different levels of service. In our proof of concept, the InterModal Data solution met all of those individual requirements in a cost effective way,” said Tim Dufour, CEO, RackForce Networks. “The insights we gained on our storage system as a whole was an incredibly valuable benefit for our DevOps team."

InterModal Data qualifies all hardware to ensure quality and predictability, while offering a perpetual software license. This allows customers to buy future generations of hardware directly from qualified suppliers, without having to repurchase the software.

Within the data storage market, three fundamental challenges exist – scalability, efficiency and flexibility – and InterModal Data is working closely with forward thinking enterprises to solve these critical issues,” said Dave Kresse, CEO of InterModal Data. “The result is a storage solution that achieves unprecedented utilization rates for storage infrastructure. This empowers enterprises to deliver at scale the performance they require at up to 10x cost savings compared to traditional solutions, while still delivering enterprise-level reliability, availability and serviceability.”

The company has raised $4 million to date from investors including Menlo Ventures, Azure Capital Partners and Allegis Capital.

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With companies struggling to address their changing storage requirements in a web scale age that requires supporting millions of simultaneous workloads, the storage industry is completely ripe for disruption,” said Arun Taneja, founder, The Taneja Group. “Organizations ranging from large enterprises, broadly deployed SaaS, technical computing and managed hosting are looking for a scalable solution that provides a granular quality of service at a workload level, and has a flexible architecture to quickly reallocate resources and move data.”

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About InterModal Data

InterModal Data is the only commercial provider of disaggregated data storage software solutions purpose-built for the enterprise. Our solution delivers scalable, efficient and flexible web scale storage through breakthrough distributed storage software on a disaggregated hardware architecture, which can intelligently scale to millions of workloads and billions of files. Our storage design delivers a 4-10x price performance advantage over traditional storage alternatives.

InterModal Data investors include Menlo Ventures, Azure Capital Partners and Allegis Capital.


Iris Herrera Whitney, 415-817-2514


Iris Herrera Whitney, 415-817-2514